On the Warning of Garabandal (the illumination of consciences)

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I cannot be certain of the dates, as I have been mistaken many times in the past in my writings about the future. However, if these events occur in 2023, the dates and times are as follows.

The Warning: April 7, 2023, on Good Friday

Time of Day: The Warning occurs at the same time Jesus died on the Cross, about the ninth hour (cf. Mark 15:33) Jerusalem sun time, which is about 2:51 p.m. Israel Standard Time (IST). Since the Warning occurs everywhere at the same moment, the time on the clock will vary by time zone: 2:51 p.m. IST is 12:51 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time), which is 8:51 a.m. on the East coast of the United States (Eastern Daylight Time).

The Consolation: on Easter Sunday, April 9th, 2023

Historically, Jesus was crucified on April 7th and rose from the dead, very early in the morning at Jerusalem, on April 9th.

The Miracle: Thursday, May 11, 2023
Time of Day: 8:30 p.m. (Garabandal time)

The evening of May 11th is the vigil of the feast of Blessed Imelda Lambertini, a young martyr of the Eucharist who died on the vigil (May 12th) of the Feast of the Ascension (May 13th in that year) in 1333.

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The Warning predicted in the apparition of the Virgin Mary at Garabandal, Spain, will be a divine illumination of consciences. This event only shows persons the sins still on their consciences. Sins that have been repented and forgiven are not shown. The Warning or illumination does not give objective knowledge of right and wrong, but only shows when the person acted contrary to their own understanding (correct or incorrect) about right and wrong. This is not a “mini-judgement”. It does not show the person their soul “as God sees it”.

Many persons have spread false ideas about this event in books and on the internet. Also, there are many false claims of private revelation in the world. So be careful what you believe.

Ronald L Conte Jr

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6 Responses to On the Warning of Garabandal (the illumination of consciences)

  1. Ben says:

    I believe you are correct this time. WW3 is approaching fast (now German tanks going to Russia, possibly US tanks soon, the Russian likely response could be mass mobilization of 20 mln – we have to see what it will be, they are already mounting air defense system on the Rooftops of Moscow governmental buildings). The only thing that can stop it, is Divine intervention, that we use to call the Great Warning.
    (as you correctly point out, the Great Warning in real will be different from what most of the sincere believers expect to see: their souls as God sees them, the planes stopping in the air, atheists and pagans turning to the Catholic faith en masse, etc).

    What more can be added to it? The Catholics are Not ready. (The protestants are not ready either). Those who think they are ready, have their basements packed with food, have done their regular confessions, have instructed their kids what to do. However, they are not ready mentally for what is coming. One way to get more ready is to get as much information as they could, from a wide spectrum of sources. It is not a dogma, it is not forbidden knowledge. I just listened to one catholic “professor” (without PhD as he himself said) who has opinion on everything, from family issues, to Church hierarchy, to… the stars…good job! If our mentality will be like that, closing in a nutshell covered with superficial skewed knowledge of the Catechism that will stop our information for the world that is NOT MEANT to be in the Catechism in the first place, then let it be so! We will not make it to the other side on the Chastisement, and our ideas will die with us. Unless God himself puts us into some secure isolated area. WW1 and WW2 showed that God doesn’t usually do such things, with very, very rare exceptions that didn’t alter the fate of 50 mln people who died in WW2. How many of those 50 mln people didn’t make it to Heaven, how many didn’t make it even to the deep Purgatory? It is just crazy the lack of concern by those who should have it most, who have the Divine private revelation, where most if not all has already been said. “Fire will fall from heaven”, we read in many apparitions, at least one of which is approved by two consecutive bishops – Akita.

  2. James Belcher says:

    I do not believe the “Warning” will happen in the year of 2023. Europe has not attained spiritual communism at its worst. There is no doubt that Europe will eventually fall via spiritual communism. There are too many persons attempting to thwart communism today hence my belief it will happen in the not too far future.

    I agree the feast day of Blessed Imelda Lambertini will be the day of the “Miracle”.
    I can make the case for dates of May 11 thru 13 being the date of the “Miracle”. In looking forward, the only possible years where Thursday has these dates are the years of 2027, 2032 and 2033.

    Since human nature is weak and our Almighty God will give us all possible ways to obtain heaven, I believe the “Warning” will occur when all peoples of the world will have little hope in the salvation of earth. It is far too often where humans get excited and are in agreement with each other but become divisive thereafter. So, our God will give us this chance to obtain his forgiveness when all seems lost.

  3. Josetxu says:

    Creo que el Aviso no ocurrirá este año. Aunque podría estar equivocado porque nadie
    sabe la fecha seguro. Por varias razones creo que aún no será. La primera razón es que creo será en un año par, como dijo alguna vidente de Garabandal ( no recuerdo quién). Otra razón, es que creo que la situación todavía debe empeorar mucho más. La apostasía será aún mucho mayor que la actual. Otra razón es que si es Irán el país que desencadena la tribulación todavía falta tiempo para eso, aún Irán no está preparado.
    Antes pensaba que el Aviso sería en la década de los 20, pero ahora pienso que quizás sea en la de los 30. Efectivamente, el año 2033 parece bueno ya que el 12 de mayo cae en jueves para el gran milagro, luego la Advertencia sería poco antes. Si no es en 2033, podría ser otro año de la década de los 30. Pero sí que creo que será antes de 2040, porque de lo contrario las videntes serían demasiado mayores para ver el gran milagro que sigue a la Advertencia.
    Especular con las fechas es difícil. Lo mejor es estar preparados espiritualmente, rezar el santo rosario y la coronilla de la Divina misericordia todos los días. Escuchar la santa misa con frecuencia. Confesarse a menudo. Leer la Biblia y especialmente los evangelios. Y llevar una buena vida y ser humilde. El resto lo dejamos en las manos de Dios, que todo lo hace bien.

  4. Ben says:

    I think we should pay attention to the last Medjugorje message. I had my issues with the seers’ changing views at times. But now the striking tone is more urgent than ever. I will not quote it in full or base everything on it, for reasons that I’d rather not say. However, is the following true or not?

    “The future is at a crossroads, because modern man does not want God. That is why mankind is heading to perdition.”

    12 prophecies of Padre Pio speak volumes too. A great country erased from the maps, and asteroid. True or not?

    As of the battlefield news: will Russia await those hundreds of new tanks to arrive? Or she will strike preemptively? And if yes, how?

    Many argue that because Our Lady promised no WW3 in Medjugorje and Garabandal, that no big war will happen either. How about a war with let say 6 nuclear explosions in the West? How about 17 nuked cities on both sides? Or 25? Or 39 if we include China and Taiwan, the Koreas, and Middle East? (numbers are just example). Technically it won’t be a full blown WW3 with hundreds or thousands nukes. How many millions will die in those limited explosions especially if they are above cities?

    I don’t think there will be more delay granted. We do not deserve it as collective humanity response to the graces given since 1917 on multiple occasions (we don’t even know how many are all the real apparitions and how many graces we have received through silent souls even stigmatists today). Regardless of the letter of Garabandal, whether the pope must go to Moscow, or just to the Russian embassy and Kazakhstan. We use to take the private words of the seers (both Garabandal and Medjugorje, and even Lucia in her own interpretations) as words said by the Blessed Mother. They are not. They are human too, even if they are saints. Let remember that not even Fatima was fulfilled literally in the part of the year (a year before the end of the 20th century, according to several credible sources – Malachi Martin, then cardinal Ratzinger and pope John Paul II). If Fatima can be changed to be not so literal, sure Garabandal can too, Medjugorje can too.
    Prepare for the worst in the next 2 months. And if better comes, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to people of good will.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I think that the Virgin Mary at Garabandal was merely referring to the situation at that time, in the 1960’s, when people were worried about a war between the superpowers: U.S., Russia, China. I also think that there will not be a truly world war, in which all the nations take one side or the other. But what is not precluded, in my interpretation, is a third world war similar to WW1 or WW2.

  5. Matt says:

    This message from Our Lady of Medjugorje is dire. It appears that events may begin this Good Friday 2023.

    January 25, 2023 Message to Marija

    “Dear children! Pray with me for peace, because Satan wants war and hatred in hearts and peoples. Therefore, pray and sacrifice your days by fasting and penance, that God may give you peace. The future is at a crossroads, because modern man does not want God. That is why mankind is heading to perdition. You, little children, are my hope. Pray with me, that what I began in Fatima and here may be realized. Be prayer and witness peace in your surroundings, and be people of peace. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

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