My forthcoming book: The 12 Papal Charisms

I am currently working on completing a book about the papacy, specifically the divinely-conferred gifts (charisms) given to every Pope. These gifts are closely related to the indefectibility of the Church.

An important conclusion drawn from the many teachings of Popes, Councils, Saints, Fathers, and Doctors of the Church on this subject is that each Pope is protected from failing in faith by apostasy, heresy, schism, or idolatry, and is protected from grave errors in doctrine or discipline, even when he is teaching non-infallibly.

And a proper understanding of these charisms, some of which are also given to the Bishops as a body (not individually), is sufficient to refute the main accusations against Pope Francis, other Popes, and various Ecumenical Councils.

Sorry I have not been posting much lately. I will perhaps resume more frequent posting in the new year.

Ronald L Conte Jr

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5 Responses to My forthcoming book: The 12 Papal Charisms

  1. King Robert the Bruce says:

    Good to hear from you again Ron I was worried something was wrong with you.

  2. I’ll be looking forward to this very important book. Thank you all the work you do, Ron.

  3. sc says:

    Hi Ron, glad to see that your work on defense of the Church’s teachings in general and the Pope’s indefectibility in particular continue unabated even if your blogs’ postings may be few during some periods of time. Thanks for you undaunted pursuit of truth.

  4. guilhermefeitosa024 says:

    Ron, did you know those quotes from Pope Pius II about the authority of the Roman Pontiff?

    Pope Pius II on the authority of the Pope”

    “This Seat has been entrusted with the first and supreme power, because it has the responsibility to feed the sheep and the authority to judge. Anyone who rejects its teachings and corrections must be considered a pagan and publican. Anyone who dares to impose restrictions on the authority of the Roman Pontiff is impious and condemned Anyone who refuses to recognize the Roman Church as Mother does not have God as Father. And you would say to the Pope, Peter’s successor: “Don’t turn this on, don’t turn that off! Don’t you know, wretch, that divine authority alone constrains the Bishop of Rome? The pope is subject exclusively to Holy Scripture, revealed by the hand of God, and is not subject to the decrees of men. “But we declare that the Pope is subject to reason, and that the power of the Church is given for edification and not for destruction. But even if you believe that the Bishop of Rome is wrong, that doesn’t give you the right to judge him, because only God can judge the Pope. No mortal man can accuse him of wrongdoing.”

    Prayer “Multa hic hodie” of Pope Pius II (November 21, 1459, Man-tua).

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