Questions and Answers on the End Times

This post is for readers to ask me questions on the End Times (also called the tribulation or the apocalypse). Please refrain from proposing your own views — in the comments to this particular post — as this is a Q and A format.

My overview of the End Times has been recently posted in two articles, one is a brief overview, and the other a more detailed one.

See my books on the End Times, listed here.

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10 Responses to Questions and Answers on the End Times

  1. William Merlock says:

    Hello Ron.
    This a quote attributed to Mary by the visionaries at Medjugorje, regarding the third secret:
    “Hurry and convert yourselves. When the promised sign on the hill will be given, it will be too late.”

    What does that mean? Too late for what?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Conversion is offered at the Warning. The Permanent Signs are placed at locations of true apparitions. After that, the End Times begins, with various afflictions and causes of very many deaths. Too late because death and the fear of death will overwhelm the world. Too late because that is the end of the three great blessings given to prepare us for these afflictions. Convert as soon as possible. Those who do not convert will suffer more, and will have less help from God.

  2. James Belcher says:

    I just lost my niece who was only 9 years old due to heart failure. She was born with a defected heart and the doctors were amazed she had lived this long. I am pondering that the All-Merciful God might have taken her now due to the upcoming events to spare her any more sufferings. Please pray for her soul. Thanks.

  3. Matt says:

    During the Warning (Illumination of Conscience), my understanding is that those individuals that lead holy lives and frequently go to Confession will experience sorrow that is equivalent to one losing (death) a child. How painful!

    However, how much more painful will it be for those Catholics that know the Truth but have rejected the Faith and are deep in mortal sin when they experience the Warning?

    • Ron Conte says:

      {12:10} And I will pour out upon the house of David and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of prayers. And they will look upon me, whom they have pierced, and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only son, and they will feel sorrow over him, as one would be sorrowful at the death of a firstborn.

      Those who are holy and have few sins on their conscience will experience the type of sorrow of Christ on the Cross, sorrow at the sinfulness of the world and sorrow at the sufferings of Christ for sin. So they are not experiencing the sorrow of losing a child, but rather the sorrow “as one mourns for an only son”, meaning Christ the only-begotten Son of God.

  4. fr. Philip says:

    Will the Warning be announced in advance in Medjugorje?

  5. James Belcher says:

    If the Warning is this year and the event happens this Good Friday – will Father Petar and Mirjana start to pray and fast together on April 4?

    • Ron Conte says:

      I’m the only one who has proposed that the Warning of Garabandal is the same as the first secret of Medjugorje, and that the Miracle of Garabandal is the third secret of Medjugorje, so this is speculative, and not something stated by any visionaries. But if so, then “10 days before the first and second secrets” Mirjana will reveal the secrets to Father Petar, and they will fast and pray for 7 days, and then Father Petar will reveal the first and second secrets.

      What is generally believed, I think incorrectly, is that the first and second secrets occur at different times (not two days apart as I am saying), and so people think that the 10 days, 7 days, and 3 days applies separately to the first, and latter to the second secret. But the wording used was ten days “before the first and second secrets” as if they occur in quick succession.

      If I am correct, then Father Petar will reveal both the first and second secrets on April 12th, which is Tuesday of Holy Week, three days before Good Friday, April 15th, when I think the Warning and the first secret (which are the same) will occur.

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