Indications that 2022 is the Year of the Warning of Garabandal

The Warning and Miracle are events predicted at Garabandal, where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to some children. They occur in the same calendar year. The Miracle occurs on a Thursday, on the feast of a young martyr of the Eucharist. This young martyr is not said to be a Saint. Many years ago, I first proposed that this martyr is Blessed Imelda Lambertini, who died on May 12th, 1333. Here is some more information about her.

Now her feast day does not coincide with a Thursday in most years. But May 12th is a Thursday in 2022, and then not again until 2033. Years in which the vigil of her feast, May 11th, occur on a Thursday are not likely to be the year (as I had suggested previously), as she died on May 12th, which was the vigil of the Ascension, May 13th that year. The feast day of a Saint is typically the very day on which they died. And 2033 is too late a date to fit other predictions.

Edited (6/23/22) to add: The year 2023 sees May 11th, the vigil of the feast of Blessed Imelda, coincide with a Thursday. Imelda died at a Mass on the vigil of the Feast of the Ascension, so that might be the right year and day.

On the day that Pope John XXIII died, one of the Garabandal visionaries (Conchita) made a startling remark to her mother Aniceta: “For sure…now there remain no more than three [popes]!” This is termed “the three popes prophecy” by adherents of the Garabandal apparitions. I believe is means that after the reigns of three Popes, the End Times begins, which includes the Warning and Miracle, followed by the events of the first part of the tribulation (i.e. the apocalypse or end times).

After Pope Saint John XXIII, there was Pope Saint Paul VI, Blessed Pope John Paul I, John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and now Pope Francis. The three popes could be three more after Paul VI, but this prophecy was made not during his reign, but immediately after the death of John 23, before Paul VI was elected. A better way to look at the prophecy is that the three popes are (1) Paul VI, (2) John Paul II, and (3) Benedict XVI. The reign of John Paul I is not counted since his reign was only 33 days. So after these three Popes, the end times begins during the reign of the next Pope, who is Pope Francis.

Other indications that 2022 is the Year of the Warning

The War in Ukraine is disrupting agriculture, possibly becoming a factor in the third of the four events described in the book of Revelation (the last book of the New Testament). These four events are termed the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The third event is famine. Also, people are saying that the war in Ukraine may start a third world war, and World War 3 is the first horseman of the apocalypse. However, I do not believe that Russia or China will be involved substantially in World War 3. Instead, I have long predicted that World War 3 will be the war of the Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa, led by extremists and led by Iran and Iraq, against the U.S., Europe, and Allies. The sanctions against Russia will lead Russia to refrain from helping the U.S. and Europe during World War 3.

The Roman Pontiff, Pope Francis, has decided to consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is based on the messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, in which she asked Russia to be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, in order to prevent Russia from going to war against various nations and spreading its errors throughout the world. This consecration, in my opinion, was done correctly many years ago. But a nation is its people, and so the consecration should be repeated from time to time. The consecration and the Warning together are capable of stopping the war in Ukraine by the intervention of God.

Another prophecy attributed to the visionaries of Garabandal, which is said by some to have been made, is that before the events of the End Times begin, the Pope will visit Russia. The war in Ukraine could prompt the Pope to visit Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, fulfilling the prophecy.

The visionaries of Garabandal have also said that the Miracle of Garabandal (May 12th in my eschatology) will coincide with an event in the Church, a type of event that has occurred before but perhaps not in the lifetime of Conchita (as far as she knew at the time that she made the statement). Further, it is said that the pope will see the Miracle wherever he is in the world. This suggests that he will not be in Rome, otherwise, the prophecy would simply be that the Pope will see the Miracle from Rome or from Vatican City. Perhaps the Pope will be in Russia on May 12th. On the other hand, the predicted event was said to have occurred before, whereas no Pope has ever visited Russia or Moscow, as far as I know. Now of this writing (17 March 2022), there is no event on the Roman Pontiff’s calendar for his activities. Probably, this visit to Russia will be scheduled after the Warning.

The Miracle of Garabandal includes three things:
1. millions of persons will be miraculously healed all over the world
2. permanent miraculous signs will be placed at sites of Marian apparitions all over the world
3. many unbelievers will convert; the miraculous signs and the healings will impress them

On the first point, not everyone will be healed. Try your best to prepare for the Warning and to repent from your sins.

On the second point, the signs will be something that has never before been on earth. This leaves only a few possibilities: something from the universe apart from earth; something from heaven; something from Purgatory; something from the paradise of Adam and Eve (the garden of Eden. It is unlikely that the permanent miraculous sign is something from the solar system, galaxy, or universe, as this would not be very miraculous, except by its appearance here. It is unlikely that the sign is something from Heaven or Purgatory, as there are not many physical objects in Heaven (the bodies of Jesus and Mary plus what else?) or in Purgatory (if any). So the most likely answer is that the permanent signs are something from the garden of Eden — which was never a place on earth; it is a place discontinuous with this universe, just as Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell are discontinuous with the universe. And what could it be from Eden? Perhaps a tree or other plant, unfallen and with a supernatural appearance.

On the third point, many unbelievers will convert to belief in God; many non-Christian believers will convert to Christianity or Catholicism; many non-Catholic Christians will convert to Catholicism.

So what indications make it seem as if the Warning and Miracle are this year? The Covid-19 pandemic continues, despite all our efforts to battle this plague. But the miraculous healings of millions of persons could end the pandemic by an act of God. This would be part of the millions of miraculous healings. But many other illnesses and injuries will be healed by God at that event of the Miracle of Garabandal. Still, the pandemic makes it seem very fitting for the Warning and Miracle to occur this year, 2022.

* The Warning or illumination of conscience: April 15th, Good Friday, 2022.
* The Consolation: April 17th, Easter Sunday, 2022.
* The Miracle of Garabandal: May 12th, 2022, vigil of our Lady of Fatima.

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Grace and Peace to You
Trust in God and Do Not Fear

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

Notice for my End Times articles:

1. Please note that my predictions are speculative and fallible, and that my writings on the future have erred many times in the past. My eschatology is presented for the readers’ consideration, and should not be treated as certain or absolute.

2. The End Times is divided into two parts: the first part is for this generation, then there is a long respite of a few hundred years, and finally the second part of the End Times occurs with the Return of Christ.

3. This first part of the End Times (or “tribulation”) does not include the Antichrist, nor the Return of Jesus Christ, nor the general Resurrection. Those things occur much later.

4. Do not believe what the news and entertainment industry says about the future, nor about religion. Do not listen to claimed prophets, visionaries, and the like, when they interpret current events or predict the future, especially when they are celebrated by the media. Do not listen to those who accuse any Pope or Ecumenical Council of grave errors or grave failings of faith. The Church will never fail or go astray. Never.

5. I anticipate that I and my writings on the future will be subject to distortions, lies, and false accusations. Do not believe the mass media, various prominent speakers or commentators, or internet rumors about what I supposedly wrote, said, or predicted. Instead, obtain my words and ideas from my websites or my books.

{24:6} For you will hear of battles and rumors of battles. Take care not to be disturbed. For these things must be, but the end is not so soon.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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5 Responses to Indications that 2022 is the Year of the Warning of Garabandal

  1. Matt says:

    If events would begin in 2033, Father Sudac, the future Pope, would be 62 years old. If his reign is about 33 years long, he would be 95 years old when he retires or dies. I don’t see Father Sudac rising to Bishop and then Cardinal within the next 11 years. Currently, Father Sudac lives on an island off the Dalmatian coast and has Catholic retreats there for the past 20+ years.

    Pope Emeritus Benedict was born April 16, 1927. If events begin in 2033, he would be 106 years old the day following the Warning. It is not impossible for someone to live that long. I know his health is frail now.

    Pope Francis was born on Dec 17, 1936. If events begin in 2033, he would be 96 years old.

    However, if one would believe that the Gregorian calendar system is accurate, then it has been 2022 A.D. since the birth of Jesus Christ. 2033 A.D, would be quite fitting, as 33 A.D. was when the death and resurrection of the Son of God occurred, 2000 years ago.

    Mirijana’s 2nd of the month messages from BVM to the World for non-believers, lasted 33 years, 1987-2020. I thought that was very interesting.

    2033-2040 would be 7 years of chastisements from God.

    From 1981 and on, I vividly remember hearing and reading about Medjugorje that events would begin when the last visionary receives the 10th secret. However, I can’t find that piece of information anywhere on the internet. Three visionaries have received all 10 secrets and no longer receive daily apparitions. Jakov was the last visionary that received the 10th Secret in 1998. The other three visionaries have 9 of the 10 secrets. Conceivably, we may have more time until events begin.


  2. Ben says:

    How is Imelda the one if she didn’t die a martyr but rather died in a state of ecstasy?

  3. Kevin says:

    Ron blessed Imelda’s feast day is actually May 13th.

    • Ron Conte says:

      “Some church calendars list it as May 12, while other list it as May 13.” She died on May 12th, and the day of death is typically the feast day, as it is the day the person entered heaven.

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