Notice on Errors in my End Times writings

I’ve updated this notice to focus on the fallible and speculative nature of my eschatology (theology on the End Times). I expect much criticism on this point, so I will address those criticisms in advance here.

1. My writings on the future have erred many times in the past. In particular, the dates I predicted for events at the start of the tribulation (the End Times) have been repeatedly wrong. I began writing eschatology in the late 1990s, and I have written several books and booklets on the topic over the last 20 years or so. But each book has had errors, especially on when events would occur.

In addition to errors on dates, my description of different events has changed over time, as I continued to study and write on this subject. These events are my interpretation of what the Bible says about the future, as well as my understanding of material from Fatima, La Salette, Akita, Medjugorje, and Garabandal — sites of Marian apparitions. These latter sources, called “private revelation”, can possible err themselves and are not required belief.

2. I do not believe in Millenarianism. See my past post: I Reject the Heresy of Millenarianism.

The heresy of millenarianism claims that Jesus returns and reigns over the world like an earthly king, for a period of about a thousand years. It is not the length of time that makes it a heresy. Any such earthly reign for Jesus of any length, whether 1000 years, or a shorter or longer time, would be essentially the same heresy.

My position is that Jesus returns at the end of the tribulation (the End Times; the Apocalypse) hundreds of years from now and brings an end to the afflictions; next, Jesus ascends to Heaven again, and the Church reigns over the world for a long time, until Jesus returns a second time for the general judgment much further in the future. This position is a minority opinion, but is not condemned by the Magisterium.

3. Please understand that my predictions and writings about the future are speculative and fallible. My eschatology is presented for the reader’s consideration, and should not be treated as certain or absolute. Eschatology as a field of theology is highly speculative, but it is a legitimate field of study.

Pope Saint Paul VI spoke on the importance of eschatology at the Special World Conference on Futures Research (1973). While some of the faithful have a low regard for any writings in the field of eschatology, the Pope urged the children of the Church to study eschatology as a way to prepare themselves for their own final meeting with the Creator:

Paul VI: “We are aware of the general theme of the Conference: the study of man and his future…this time you have addressed yourselves to the values which man, as a rational being, bears within himself and which he strives to bring to full realization. In this field the Church, as the bearer of a transcendent and revealed doctrine, certainly has something to say. She already possesses a science concerning future and final realities, the science of eschatology, and she continually urges her children to study the sublime truths which it embodies, so that they may prepare themselves for the final and decisive meeting with the Creator.”

The Pope describes eschatology as “a science concerning future and final realities.” It is a science in the broader sense of the word: a field of study and knowledge. Now eschatology, more so than many other areas of theology, is generally speculative. Yet the Pope refers to eschatology as a science, and the Church continually urges her children to study the “sublime truths” which eschatology embodies.

So eschatology is a legitimate field of study, but its content is generally very speculative.

4. I anticipate that I and my writings on the future will be subject to distortions, lies, and false accusations. So some of what people will claim are errors will simply be misrepresentations or completely false claims about my predictions and writings on the End Times. Please do not trust the mass media or various internet commentators as sources of what I supposedly believe or have written. The media will not be a reliable source of information during the End Times. “For you will hear of wars and rumors of wars” (Mt 24:6). How can a war be just a rumor? This can only happen if sources of information are very unreliable.

5. I myself have NEVER received any private revelation or visions or messages from heaven or the like. My writings on the future are my own speculations based on the Bible, the writings of Saints, and the messages at the above stated private revelations. And while the Bible cannot err, my interpretation of the Bible can err.

6. When I first started writing about the tribulation (the End Times), I was overly confident in my predictions. Then, as the years passed, and predicted events did not occur when I had thought they would, I realized my mistake in being overly certain of my speculations about the future. Presently, I write my understanding of what may happen in the future, as an opinion, presented for the consideration of the reader. These predictions, dates, and descriptions of events are fallible and highly speculative.

7. Please note that I do not endorse any other author’s book about the future, nor have I ever co-authored a book on any topic with anyone. I am not associated with any claimed visionary. Also, do not believe the claims of any books, other than my own books, which are written about my predictions. And do not believe anyone who uses the mass media to claim to be associated with me or to claim to speak for me.

Q and A:

Q: Why should we believe what you write, when you have been wrong about the future so many times?
A: No one should treat these predictions as articles of the faith, to be believed with certitude. Instead, they are speculations on the future presented for your consideration. You may read my writings, if you are interested, but you should not treat my writings as absolute.

Q: When will the End Times end?
A: The End Times is divided into two parts: the first part for our generation, then a long respite of a few hundred years, and next the second part. At the end of the second part of the tribulation or End Times, Jesus returns and the sufferings end, but the world continues.

Q: When does the world end?
A: The world does not end. After the general Resurrection, which is called “the last day”, God makes a new heaven and a new earth, and so the world continues in this new form (Rev 21:1).

Q: What do you think may happen in the future?
A: See my books of eschatology. A good starting point for reading my predictions of future events is my book:
Summary of Future Events. For more about the Warning and Miracle of Garabandal, and the other events predicted at Garabandal and Medjugorje, see my book: The Secrets of Medjugorje and Garabandal.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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7 Responses to Notice on Errors in my End Times writings

  1. James Belcher says:

    I have come across several articles where Conchita of Garabandal supposedly has said that the miracle will happen on a Thursday in the month of April on a feast day of a Saint of the Holy Eucharist. I thought she gave multiple months from March thru June and stated she was not sure. I was wondering if she actually stated this as a fact or have persons given their own interpretation of her apparitions.
    I believe there is a scenario where the miracle happens this year as you stated. My thinking is that there are multiple miracles happening on one day. I know of the permanent signs appearing at multiple apparition sites and healing of the sick. My thought process includes another miracle where the war between Russia and Ukraine suddenly stops. These events will surely aggravate Iran and speed up their process for starting WW3. Should the miracles happen this year, I can see China not attacking Taiwan and a visit from the Pope into Russia.
    James Belcher

    • Ron Conte says:

      She never narrowed the month to April. That claim is based on putting together comments by various persons about this topic. I believe the “young martyr of the Eucharist” — never said by Mary to be a Saint — is Blessed Imelda Lambertini. So that would place the Miracle of Garabandal on Thurs. May 12th if it is this year.

      As I’ve said in my eschatology, there will be permanent signs at sites of true Marian apparitions throughout the world, and the miracle is miraculous healings worldwide.

      I think the Warning will stop the war in Ukraine, and that occurs before the Miracle. The Warning is an illumination of conscience.

      As I’ve also written, the Warning and Miracle scare the Muslim extremists, as these events turn the world toward Christianity and Catholicism, and also because their extremism is contrary to every good conscience. So they fear loss of power and act with desperation, seizing power in the nations in their region of the world and soon after going to war.

  2. James Belcher says:

    I am concerned that WW3 will include other countries other than Iran/ISIS attacking the free democratic countries and incarcerating / persecuting Christians. I am currently seeing similar playbooks being played out from WW2. Putin and his regime are murdering innocent men, women, children and infants just as Hitler scorched the earth without regard to human life. I see our current president saying over and over again, we will not go to war with Russia just as FDR repeatedly said we don’t want war and will not go to war. ( I believe its was and now a ruse). Even though these countries (Russia, USA, NATO, Ukraine) might get into a war, I don’t believe this changes your eschatology of upcoming events. I can see the Warning and Miracle possibly happening this year with the easing and suppressing of tensions between the warring countries and then Iran/ISIS to continue WW3 by using Nuclear dirty bombs in attacking the west and north. I hope I am wrong due to the fact of many more innocent people will be killed and live a substandard life. As you have stated in your eschatology, (para-phrasing here) civil unrest and famine will engulf a good part of the world. My concerns are based upon a miscalculation by the USA and/or NATO whether it be sanctions or the usage of military equipment such as Poland possibly supplying Ukraine with Mig jets. I recently saw an interview with Putin which took place many years ago where he was talking about his early childhood. He lived in the slums according to him and used to play with rats. One day he had trapped the rat and was closing in on him. The rat escaped by jumping and scratching his face. His moral of the story was – Never Trap a Rat. Was he talking about himself?????
    I will take a break for a while in making comments on your website, I know your plate is full.

    James Belcher

  3. Matt says:

    Ron, your writings are solid as they are based on writings from messages of Church approved Marian apparitions, Catholic Saints, and recent apparitions in Garabandal and Medjugorje. The only issue is the start of the events and you should not be hard on yourself on that. We should be glad that God is so merciful and has given us so much time to convert. When the events start, many of your readers will flee in fear. The Catholic Church will be widely prosecuted and many will be martyred for the faith. The chastisments will be brutal but necessary in order to correct our morally corrupt society, otherwise, so many more would go to Hell. It is a rescue by God.

  4. Matt Z. says:

    Hi Ron, dont know when the next q and a is so please only if you have time to answer:What is the meaning 1Corinthians 7:9?

    • Ron Conte says:

      {7:9} But if they cannot restrain themselves, they should marry. For it is better to marry, than to be burned.

      If a couple cannot restrain themselves from premarital sex, they should marry. Being chaste and single, celibate or virgin, is better than the married state, but the former is not for everyone. It is better to marry than to burn in Hell due to sexual sins.

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