No Schism or Heresy has Ever Succeeded

The papal accusers, who reject Pope Francis, Vatican I and II, Lateran V, the recent Popes since Vatican II and other Popes throughout Church history, who call the Apostolic See “pornocracy”, who malign Francis at every turn, who think themselves to be holy and faithful while they attack the Vicar of Christ, the Apostolic College, multiple Councils, the very authority of the Church, and Her doctrines as well as Her disciplines, these unfaithful accusers often crow that they will certainly succeed. They think that they are in the right, by their own judgment, and so they think God is on their side. It has been the same with every group of heretics and schismatics since the foundation of the Church. They assume they are in the right, so they think to prevail over the Church.

Never in the history of the Church has any schismatic or heretical group succeeded. Never. They break away from the Church and continue for a time, and then pass away… or they repent and rejoin the Church. Some Councils have passed rulings on returning repentant heretics and schismatics. But never do they succeed in prevailing over the Church, such that the Popes and Councils they reject are next rejected by the Church or by a future Pope or Council. It never happens. They never prevail.

They are like robbers who think that they have devised the most clever plan to rob a Casino (like in several movies)… except that no such plan has ever succeeded. It is fiction. It seems to every robber that their plan will work. And then they end up in jail. There is no such thing as the perfect crime. And there is no such thing as a group that fights against a Pope or Council and succeeds.

But this group, they have a long list of Popes and Councils they reject… and amazingly, it keeps getting longer! One of the most recent articles from OnePeterFive lists long periods of time, including Pope-Saints and Ecumenical Councils, which the editor of 1P5 condemns for “pornocracy”. Basically, that is a vague term used to reject the authority of the Church, in and of itself, and to substitute the judgment of any lay website author who happens to think the Church is wrong on any point. The basis for rejecting so many Popes and Councils, and long periods of time (including the current time since Vatican II) is never well stated. It appears to be merely that the Church did not teach or decide as these schismatics wished, so they then proclaim the Church to have gone astray, many times over…

…in contradiction to Christ in Matthew 16:18-19 and Luke 22:32

What will happen?

Either they will repent and return to communion with the Popes and Councils and body of Bishops, or they will break away from the Church, as did the heretical and schismatic group the SSPX. Already, the schismatics at OnePeterFive are defending the SSPX (although there is one good article by John Salza explaining that the SSPX is transgressing divine law) in various articles. They say “unite the clans” which clearly means unite various schismatic and heretical groups against Pope Francis. They say “occupy the churches”. They constantly pour out malice against the Pope openly. And their attachment to the Latin Mass is to the points of exterior form, just like the Pharisees. They cannot succeed, as they do not have the Church of Jesus Christ on their side; instead, they openly fight against Her.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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