Compilation of Sources on the Papal Charisms

This online booklet: Perennial Catholic Teaching on the Roman Pontiff is a compilations of sources — Popes, Saints, Bishops, Cardinals, Councils — on the papal charisms: his never failing faith, his freedom from heresy, his supreme authority which admits no appeal or judgment, and the rest.

I will be publishing a version of this online booklet, but with extension commentary added to the quotations. This online booklet should suffice to prove that no Pope can ever teach or commit heresy; no Pope can ever fail in faith by apostasy, heresy, schism, or idolatry; freedom from every grave error on doctrine and discipline of the Pope in his Apostolic See (in his exercise of the keys of Saint Peter); and every Pope is above judgment by anyone but God. Therefore, it is not possible to depose any Pope.

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  1. Robert L Fastiggi says:

    Thank you very much for putting together this valuable compilation. You are doing important work for the Church (even if some don’t appreciate it).

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