Love is the foundation of the eternal moral law

Love is the foundation of the eternal moral law

God alone is good.
The goodness of God is the basis for all morality.
Everything created by God has goodness, but God alone is Goodness.
Only God is perfect and infinite Goodness, by His very Nature.

God Exists. God is Good. God is Love.
Every immoral act is contrary to the will and nature of God.
Every moral act is in harmony with the will and nature of God.
The moral law is inherent to the Nature of God.
And God is Love.

{12:29} And Jesus answered him: “For the first commandment of all is this: ‘Listen, O Israel. The Lord your God is one God.
{12:30} And you shall love the Lord your God from your whole heart, and from your whole soul, and from your whole mind, and from your whole strength. This is the first commandment.’
{12:31} But the second is similar to it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

The moral law is ordered by the love of God and the love of neighbor as self.
This threefold love of God, neighbor, self is the basis for all the commandments.
In truth, whatever is immoral is not only an offense against God, who is infinite love, but also harmful to humanity.

A font is a source, or basis, or cause for the morality of an act.
An act is immoral if any one or more of these fonts is bad.
An act is moral only if all of the fonts of morality are good.
There are three fonts of morality: intention, moral object, circumstances.
All the fonts are evaluated as to their morality based on the commandments to love God, and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Each and every immoral act is contrary to true love of God, neighbor, and self

The saying of Saint Augustine, “Love, and do what you will” is often misunderstood and misapplied.
Every human act, every knowing choice of the human person, is subject to the eternal moral law.
Every type of sin is contrary to the love of God, neighbor, and self.
To a fallen sinner, it might seem as if love justifies many of the acts condemned by the Church as sin.
But in truth every sin is contrary to love, properly understood.

The entire moral law is in accord with reason.
But the reason of fallen sinners often errs.
The expression “do what you will” must always be understood as excluding every sin.
Love is not an excuse for sin.

The entire moral law is one law, the law of love.
The entire moral law is implicit in the single act of Jesus Christ dying for our salvation on the Cross, dying out of love for God and neighbor.
All that is immoral is contrary to Christ’s salvific death.
All that is moral is in harmony with Christ’s salvific death.


Ronald L Conte Jr

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  1. MichaelT says:

    This is beautiful Ron, thank you. I think St Augustine is interpreted out of context by some to suit or further their own designs rather than God’s. Those who truly love God seek to do what pleases Him.

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