19 of the top 20 American Christian Facebook Pages are by Troll Farms

Here is the story at ExtremeTech.com. This is entirely believable. And it highlights a problem within Christianity (and Catholicism), that many persons just want to hear opinions that echo their own ideas and understanding. They do not want to be taught, corrected, or shown deeper insights into the Faith. And this error is what makes them susceptible to fake Christian pages by Troll Farms.

A Troll Farm is a for-profit company, usually overseas, often in Russia or former USSR republics. The Farm cultivates pages on a wide range of topics to gain a large audience. Then it hires itself out to spread misinformation for clients, even political misinformation to influence elections.

What is Congress doing about this? nothing.
What are govt agencies doing about this? nothing we know of.
How dangerous are the Troll Farms to democracy? As dangerous as the internet is influential.


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5 Responses to 19 of the top 20 American Christian Facebook Pages are by Troll Farms

  1. Sometimes I have asked myself: Why the Warning in our times? Why not in the 15th, 18th, 19th, 20th century? – why not in the distant future? and I think I have the answer, one of the reasons is the social media that we have in the world today.

    Today any average Joe (or even average Jane) with little or bad knowledge of Catholicism or Christianity in general, with no responsibility or prudence, can pick up his or her social media platform such as facebook, twitter, tiktok, youtube, etc., (with all the cute effects that they now have access to) and start teaching and spreading his or her version of Catholicism to a large following, thus influencing many weak in the faith to fall into a pit and endangering many souls to Hell.

    There were many heretics and schismatics in the past, but none of them had the ease to spread their errors to a large audience as many do today. If a person thinks that we can disobey the Pope because he can be a heretic, that lying, contraception are not intrinsically evil, that’s his personal error. But when that person starts publishing such errors in a local newspaper, many may heed his words, but, still, many will continue to heed what the Catholic Church actually teaches (for I think no so many would heed what a printed newspaper has to say over the Magisterium) and such person will be responsible not only for his soul but for the group who did fell into his same error.

    But when that same person starts publishing that same error in the world wide net through social media over an over again, constantly, with such an ease, some people who perhaps did not fall into his errors in the first place (by simply reading a newspaper), may fall in the second, third or fourth, or even 20th! publishing. Not only local people, but many people around the globe will start falling into his errors. But it gets even worst, not only when average Joes start publishing grave errors, but when priests and even Bishops, more people around the world will be falling in such grave errors. And it doesn’t stop there, it still gets even worst! when many of those followers who have fallen into the person’s or priests, or some Bishops’ errors, ALSO start publishing on their own in their social media such errors in addition to the person’s errors that they follow, the result is that even more people around the world will start falling into a pit.

    Nowadays grave errors, disobedience to the Pope and the Bishops in communion with him can be so easily spread out around the world. So I think that this is one of the reasons (not the only reason) why we’ll have a Worldwide Warning soon. With the Warning, many people will understand the grave damage they are causing around the world and that this is no a child’s play.

  2. Mike says:

    Facebook is a cesspool. This isn’t exclusive to Catholics. And the people who create fake news to influence opinions aren’t pulling things out of thin air. They’re taking actual events and piecing them together to fit a certain narrative.

  3. King Robert the Bruce says:

    This is why this website and blog are so important Ron your site is the most balanced and truthful Catholic website on the internet. I find many Catholic blogs on the internet to be very right wing and populist now I know you are a conservative Ron but you speak the truth and I have the utmost respect for you if any catholic or any other denomination is searching for the truth they will hopefully stumble upon this website/blog like I did keep up the good work Ron you will lead many souls to the truth.

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