Pope Francis inadvertently quotes Putin

Here’s the news story. Pope Francis thought he was quoting German chancellor Angela Merkel, but the quote was actually from Vladimir Putin.

“It’s necessary to stop the irresponsible policy of enforcing its own values on others and attempts to build democracy in other countries based on outside models without taking into account historic, ethnic and religious issues and fully ignoring other people’s traditions,” the pope said, using his own translation into Spanish.

That’s the English translation of the Pope’s Spanish from Putin’s original Russian, so it is almost more of a paraphrase. But the idea is sound. You can’t build a U.S. style government or society in a nation that is very different economically, culturally, religiously, etc. Nation building is either organic grass roots, of the people, by the people, for the people, like the U.S. in its outset, or you are just using force to make the nation according to a plan on paper. And the latter is likely to fail.

Putin is right on that point. And so is the Pope.

Afghanistan needs agriculture, which is the foundational cornerstone of civilization. Then they need economic development and modernization. At that point, they will have the interior resources to throw off the Taliban. We should not give them money, but we should make sure they have plenty of food.

I hope that God will intervene soon in the world, to correct the bad path that many persons and nations are one.

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4 Responses to Pope Francis inadvertently quotes Putin

  1. Mike says:

    By this logic, was the Catholic Church wrong for spreading all over the world into different countries with different religions?

  2. Sunimal Fernando says:

    Ron said Putin is right and pope also same on democracy. Western nations think about human rights. But communist countries not.
    So people are slaves, no freedom, no free will in communism.
    God has taken out slaves from Egypt. God has given Free will. But Russia, China, NORTH Korea, Cuba ? Taliban also same. They like China. No social media, Twitter, Google, what’sapp. See ,why Muslim people try to leave Afghanistan and goto Iran?
    They all combine with isis and start persecution against God’s church and it’s people.
    So, Ron , do you think China/Putin communism is better than democracy?
    Now you are not saying mother Mary or her messages .

    • Ron Conte says:

      I only said Putin was right on that one point. In helping other peoples build their nations, we must not impose our culture on them. What matters is fundamental human rights, though, and that is beyond culture.

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