How Muslims help Christians during the End Times

This article is based on my understanding of the End Times based on over 20 years of study and writing. Please understand that my eschatology is highly speculative and fallible.

During the lesser tribulation, the Muslim extremists will conquer Europe. Then, in a second war, not long after, the great Catholic monarch defeats the extremists in Europe and in their own lands. He conquers the vast territory, formerly held by the Muslims. Both St. Bridget and Saint Francis de Paul predicted a Muslim invasion and occupation of Europe, freed by the great Catholic monarch.

Between these two wars, World War 3, in which Europe is conquered, and World War 4, in which Europe is freed by the great Catholic monarch, Christians in the occupied lands will be greatly persecuted. And persecution will eventually turn into a pogrom. During this suffering, many Christians will be helped by moderate peaceful Muslims, who believe in Islam, but do not hold extremist views. This is not so different from when Christians helped Jews during the Holocaust. It is persons from one religion, helping suffering persons from another religion. Christians will many times avoid capture, imprisonment, torture, and death, only due to help from Muslims who truly love God and neighbor, against the machinations of extremist Muslims, who are true to Islam or humanity.

Among non-Christians, those who love God and neighbor, and those who at least love their neighbor selflessly, can be in the state of grace and be saved. True love of neighbor implies a love of God that is at least implicit. And no one can love selflessly without the infused theological virtue of love, which is only present in those in a state of grace. Faith itself can be implicit, even though the fullness of faith is found only in the Catholic Church. So there are many Jews and Muslims and persons of other religions who are in the state of grace. As for non-believers, by loving their neighbor, they implicitly love God and therefore can be in the state of grace. All human persons in the state of grace are children of God by spiritual adoption, not only those who are formally baptized with water, but also those in a state of grace by implicit baptism of desire.

During the second part of the tribulation, when the Antichrist has his reign of nearly 7 years, only Christianity, Judaism, and Islam will have survived until that point in time. All the other religions will have passed away — though many persons will have strange spiritual beliefs that are mere superstition and idolatry. When the Antichrist outlaws all religions, except worship of himself, all the believers, Christians, Jews, and Muslims, will aid one another in opposing the Antichrist. And there will be many more Muslims than Christians and Jews combined.

So, knowing that Christians will depend innumerable times on the charity of Muslims during the End Times, it upsets me to see articles treating all Muslims like extremists, and speaking as if Christianity should oppose Islam and somehow “defeat” it. That will not happen. There will be many Muslims in the world continually, until the Return of Jesus.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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  1. Alex says:

    why would Our Lady say nothing about a Muslim invasion of Europe in recent approved apparitions then? Rather She speaks of a Chastisement for the whole world. If we assume Russia has been consecrated, then there remains only the celestial chastisement not a man-made Ww3. And if Russia has not been consecrated properly, then USA has much more to fear because Russia wants Europe intact and certainly not plundered by Muslims or nuclearized. Our Lady did not warn of a Muslim invasion in Fatima or elsewhere. Even if the “fire from heaven” spoken of in Akita is a man-made nuclear and not celestial one, still it is Russia spoken of in Fatima (allied with China) and not the Muslim world that is far far behind as capabilities. Our Lady never spoke of a mujahidin type of slaughter. I don’t know what other saints have said long centuries ago, but also keep in mind the Christendom have lived quite long under the existential threat of the Caliphate. We are nowhere near that today. Prophecy is conditional. Similarly, some contemporary saints saw Russia invading all Europe, something that apparently didn’t happen with the end of the Cold War maybe exactly thanks to the partial consecration of Russia by St John Paul II. You will say, wait that is WW4…of course you have your way of reasoning. I’d rather fear that the US population or a great part of it will be left on their own once it is clear that not everyone has a rescue ticket in underground bunker or so, and that is similar to the Afghanistan flee.

    • Matt says:

      You need to reach all the messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Pedro Regis in Brazil. She has been appearing to him since 1987 and has messages nearly 2-3 days a week. The messages contain graphic detail of what is to come to the World very soon. It is quite frightening. The wrath of God is soon upon us.

    • Alex says:

      Matt, actually I did. Anguera (that is still not approved) has a lot of other information that would concern me more than the Muslim extremists alone. Indeed it speaks of them to attacking Rome, not invading Europe. Besides, Rome will be attacked by an army and there will be blood of consecrated on the streets, according to Our Lady of Anguera. It is not said Rome will be attacked by a Muslim army, although you might hypothesize. It is never said that all Europe will be invaded by Muslim extremists or by a Muslim army.
      On the other side, you have a dozen of prophets who saw a Soviet invasion of Europe and Rome, and who failed (blessed Elena Aiello is one of them). Prophecy is not written in stone.

      Our Lady of Anguera lists hundreds of places around the world that will suffer terrible, including Jerusalem and Iran, but not restricted to any continent alone.
      Besides it speaks of planetary upheavals, two celestial bodies colliding, a giant of unknown origin, rivers of lava, etc. I would be more concerned of that because it is for the whole world. It is easy to put the entire blame of sin on Europe and to expect the extremist Muslims to do the dirty work. It is not backed by the Scripture. It is as sure as to say USA will be overrun by Mexican gangs who pour through the border. It is not realistic in the current situation, unless that situation changes dramatically. Indeed Taliban invaded Afghanistan but they are natives to that mountainous land and no world power in history (back to the British occupation and then Soviet) had success in Afghanistan. I do not downplay the danger of Iran, Pakistan, and ISIS, however there are bigger dangers. Including the tensions between China, Taiwan, USA, Japan and both Koreas that may turn very ugly for the West and have capability of a world war.

      So I cannot agree with the prediction of Ron for WW3 to be restricted to a Muslim conflagration with the West. I understand Ron has his reasons to believe that, including prophecies, but no prophecy is written in stone and we don’t know the secrets. If there is WW3 it will be total. No one will await calmly when nuclear bombs explode in the Middle East or USA. Russia and China will do jump on the bang wagon. We want to test them and bet our lives and those of the coming generations that they would not? I’d rather prepare for the nuclear doctrine of Putin for “deescalation” in the early stages of a major war by employing “tactical nukes” in case vital interests of Russia or one of her allies is attacked. You may guess who Russia’s allies and interests are. Be sure Russia will not stay idle when nuclear missiles fly over, neither China will. There will be One Chastisement not two or three. Whether WW3 will be included or cancelled, IDK, but it will certainly be followed by a cataclysmic event of planetary proportions inflicted by a celestial event (see Fatima miracle). At this moment I want to believe that God has maybe cancelled WW3 and we are heading directly into the rest of Chastisement.

  2. Alex says:

    In that line of thought, and it is speculative too, the Great monarch may symbolically liberate Europe from a symbolic invasion if prophecies of old must be fulfilled. Shortly after the Chastisement. I do not see how the Era of Peace of Fatima that is most likely the era of the Great monarch will arrive without any planetary Chastisement. Already several apparitions ran out of their own set timeline limits, like Fatima and Medjugorje. Russia already played its role more or less symbolically. I don’t see a time for a Russian invasion after 40 years of Medjugorje and 100+ years of Fatima. Even less for a Muslim invasion. But of course all of that is speculative.

    To all in America and Europe (those who read most) I will repeat: get ready NOW, go to the stores TODAY/TOMORROW after your regular confessions that you already do, forget about your ego, your righteousness, your presumption that you know all of prophecy, your presumption the candles in the basement are enough to save you, don’t assume anything that it is not given to you to know, prepare for the worst! And if good comes instead do not curse that you spent a couple of fleeing hundred dollars/euros that you would spend anyway for other less important things but rather give praise to the Lord that you and your families are still alive and still having a chance to enter the Era of Peace! “Many in that Day will say “Lord, Lord…”

  3. Sunimal Fernando says:

    USA has gone from Afghanistan without taking or destroying their heavy army equipments, vehicles .So Talaiban can use it to attack Vatican soon with the support of Russia and China.( to fulfil Fatima 3rd secret and st.Malachi pope list)

    • Ron Conte says:

      I don’t know if the Taliban will join with Iran and ISIS. I tend to think that they will not. They are funded and supported by Pakistan, which has no interest having Iran or ISIS control their neighboring nation. So I don’t think it will be the Taliban that attacks Europe, but other extremists.

  4. King Robert the Bruce says:

    Do you not think Pakistan will join Iran if/when the invasion begins Ron I thought they would be a certainty to align themselves in that unholy alliance.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I think they are afraid that the Iranian Twelver Shiites will take over their nation. They will take a defensive position, I think, with Afghanistan as a buffer.

  5. Matt says:

    I don’t consider your eschatology to be highly speculative and fallible. The prophecies are many from Catholic Saints and approved apparitions of these upcoming tribulations. Also, the visionaries of Medjugorje state that secrets 4-10 are “very unpleasant.”
    The most frightening aspect of the upcoming tribulations is that many of those that are holy throughout most of the events, may become Judases at the end.
    You will need to detach yourself from your spouse and children but not abandon them. Your only hope is Jesus Christ. Of course, pray for your spouse and children but realize that you may lose your entire family and you may be in prison for the rest of your life. Again, your only hope is God. Everyone will have to detach themselves from all material possessions and pray and hope no matter how terrible the admonishments are from God The sufferings will be incredible..
    Our World deserves these corrections as it has become so absolutely wicked.
    This is a rescue from God. If God does not intervene, so many people will be condemned to Hell.
    I recommend to detach yourselves now, today, from everyone and be prepared to die. The events really may begin in 2022.

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