Report: Pope calling leaders of all Latin Mass societies to Rome

This report (or maybe it is a rumor) comes from Dr. Taylor Marshall, on his video blog: “The “Ecclesia Dei” communities or priestly societies attached to the 1962 Latin Mass are being summoned to Rome in September. This would include the FSSP (Fraternity of St Peter), ICKSP (Institute of Christ the King), and IBP (Institute of the Good Shepherd). This has traditionalists concerned about what could be next after devastating Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes. Will these societies/institutes be restricted or asked to celebrate a “new Missal”, new calendar, or required to concelebrate?”

My opinion is that this is a continuation of the decision of Pope Francis to phase out the TLM entirely. It seems likely that this will happen sooner or later. The Pope has clearly decided

“Art. 1. The liturgical books promulgated by Saint Paul VI and Saint John Paul II, in conformity with the decrees of Vatican Council II, are the unique expression of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite.”

The Unique Expression means the Pope wants a single liturgical rite for the Roman Rite of the Church.

“In defense of the unity of the Body of Christ, I am constrained to revoke the faculty granted by my Predecessors.”

Pope Francis sees this issue as one of a grave problem of lack of unity, in that many TLM communities, or members or leaders, are really in a state of schism. They makes themselves as judges over Popes and Councils, treating their subculture as if it were above the Magisterium. And they treat the rest of the Church as if it has gone astray.

In fact, we see this error, which has led to Traditionis Custodes in the spoken and written words of Taylor Marshall along with many others. They are the cause of these restrictions. They bear the responsibility for Traditionis Custodes. It is because of their schismatic attitude toward the recent Popes and Councils, going so far in the case of Marshall as to call the decisions of the Church on doctrine and discipline an infiltration of evil into the Church. They complain about TC, but they are its cause — not Taylor alone but him with many other conservative and traditionalists who rebel against Pope Francis and Vatican II and the Magisterium itself.


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4 Responses to Report: Pope calling leaders of all Latin Mass societies to Rome

  1. Jeff says:

    This is off topic, but I wanted to ask you a question I’ve been meaning to ask before I forget, again. I wear the brown scapular for protection and out of devotion to our lady of mount carmel. I am now hearing that the associated sabbatine privilege is not legitimate. What is your thought on this? Do you wear the scapular? Thanks and keep supporting the Holy Father.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I don’t know whether the sabbatine privilege is literal or figurative, but I’m sure that wearing the scapular devoutly has the effect of diminishing suffering in Purgatory. It might not occur on the first Saturday; that could be a figure.

  2. Robert L Fastiggi says:

    The Sabbatine Privilege is linked to a March 3, 1322 bull of Pope John XXII. Although questions have been raised about the Bull’s authenticity, the Sabbatine Privilege was promulgated with reference to the 1322 Bull by eight different Popes between 1530 and 1664.. The Sabbatine Privilege,maintains that those who wear the Brown Scapular, observe chastity according to their state in life, and either recite the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary or (if they cannot read) abstain from meat on Wednesday and Saturday, will be delivered from Purgatory by the intercession of Our Lady, especially on the Saturday after their death.

    Even popes of the 20th century have spoken favorably of the Sabbatine Privilege.

    Pope Pius XI, in his March 18, 1922 letter, “Petis tu quidem,” to Father Elias Magennis, Superior General of the Carmelites, celebrated the Sixth Centenary of the Sabbatine Privilege. Pius XI stated: “You ask Us to recommend — at the closing of the Sixth Centennial commemorating the universal diffusion in the Church of the Sabbatine Privilege– to the faithful throughout the Catholic world, the devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and the sodalities for lay people, which take their name from the Virgin herself. We willingly do so with this letter.”

    In his Feb. 11, 1950, Letter, “Neminem profecto” to the Superior General of the Carmelites (on the Seventh Centenary of the Scapular of Mount Carmel), Pius XII encouraged a proper use of the Brown Scapular, and he warned those who “think they can gain eternal salvation while remaining slothful and negligent of spirit.” With regard to the Sabbatine Privilege, Pius XII referred to release from Purgatory “as soon as possible” rather than “especially on Saturday.” He linked the promise of the Blessed Virgin to the “obtaining of eternal life.” In this way, he recognized the Scapular as a sign of hope and filial entrustment to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

    St. John XXIII (in office from Oct. 28, 1958 until June 3, 1963) made a visit to the French Church in Rome (S. Luigi dei Francesi) in Feb. of 1959. He spoke of his reasons for choosing the name, John, and he paid tribute to John XXII (r. 1316-1334), the last Pontiff to bear the name, John. Speaking of his predecessor, John XXIII said: “This was a great Pontiff. His life was full of tribulations but rich in works and merits in all respects: a true Servant of the Servants of God. He had, among others, the honor of canonizing St. Thomas Aquinas. Above all he was very devoted to Mary. It is to him that history attributes the happy idea of reciting an Our Father and a Hail Mary at the ringing of the evening bell, and to him also is the paternity of the ‘Sabbatine Privilege’ so precious and so dear to those who wear the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel” (L’Osservatore Romano Feb. 20, 1959, p. 1).

    More information about the Brown Scapular and the Sabbatine Privilege can be found in “The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel–Authenticity and Definitive Proof: The Validity of the Visions of the Mother of God to St. Simon Stock and Pope John XXII” by Rosalia Vitale Kehrig (Queenship Publishing, 2017).with a preface by the late Edouard Cardinal Gagnon, P.S.S.

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