Are The Accusers of Pope Francis Closet Sedevacantists?

Those who accuse Pope Francis of manifest heresy ought to know that the fathers unanimously taught that manifest heretics lose all jurisdiction, and this is by the nature of the offense. So it is a strange position to take, to accuse Francis of heresy, and then claim to hold that he is the true and valid Pope. And many such persons, in addition, take the position that Francis must be resisted, despite being the true Pope, who is also a heretic. This position is self-contradictory.

Pope Francis cannot be a heretic or apostate or idolater. He is the true Pope, because he is accepted by the body of Bishops (the Apostolic college) as the successor of Peter. This acceptance cannot be in error or the Church would lose Her indefectibility. For the Church is Apostolic. And every valid Pope has the charism of never failing faith, freedom from heresy, and protection from grave error in all his decisions of discipline and doctrine. But the papal accusers reject these dogmas of the ordinary universal magisterium.

If the papal accusers were consistent, they would have to hold that the grave errors and heresies they allege against Pope Francis prove that he is not a valid Pope, or that he was valid and lost his jurisdiction due to manifest heresy. Instead, they hold him to be the true Vicar of Christ, and then they also attack him with unbelief, malice, derision, hatred, and the like, proving their own guilt since they continue to affirm that Francis is the true representative of Christ on earth and the true Head of His Body the Church.

If their position were consistent, they would have to hold a sedevacantist view, asserting that Francis cannot be valid.

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