Is an Ecumenical Council Imminent? Will Francis resign soon?

Two questions are bouncing around the Catholic blogosphere: Is an Ecumenical Council Imminent? Will Francis resign soon?

On the first question, I strongly believe that there will not be an Ecumenical Council during the reign of Francis, nor his successor, nor his successor’s successor. While many prominent voices in the Church are attacking Vatican I and II, we do not need a Vatican III. Since the problem today is those Catholics who do not listen to Popes or Councils, what good would another Council do? They would just explain it away, just as they do the other Councils.

In my eschatology, which is fallible and highly speculative, I predict an Ecumenical Council beginning about 2029. The Pope who calls that Council will die during the early portion of the Council. And since the Cardinals and Bishops will have already assembled for the Council at the time of his death, they will elect his successor very quickly, just as St. John Bosco predicted: “the news of the Pope’s death coincides with that of his successor’s election”. For he shall be elected by a prodigy, by a divine sign from Heaven, indicating that he is the choice of Jesus Christ to be His Vicar on earth, the holy Roman Pontiff. The person elected will be Fr. Zlatko Sudac; I believe he is the Angelic Shepherd. Then the Council will correct many errors, define many dogmas, rebuke all those who have been harassing the Church for years, and this will pave the way for great unity in the Church and great success in preaching the Gospel.

How can anyone hate the Pope and yet preach Catholicism to the world?

So there will not be a Council for a while yet.

Will Francis resign?

Yes, but not this year. Maybe in 2022, but then only if the Warning is that year. I believe Francis is the Pope who, after the Warning occurs, suggests building three places of worship in Jerusalem, for a yearly feast whereby Christians, Jews, and Muslims all go to the City of Peace to worship the one God.

I do think that Francis will resign while Benedict is still alive. So there will be a new Pope, and two resigned Popes.

{11:8} And I cut down three shepherds in one month. And my soul became contracted concerning them, just as their soul also varied concerning me.
{11:9} And I said: I will not pasture you. Whatever dies, let it die. And whatever is cut down, let it be cut down. And let the rest of them devour, each one the flesh of his neighbor.

So three Popes die in a short amount of time. And this seems to occur about the start of the first part of the tribulation. So that is why I think Francis will resign, but not before he prompts the departure of the schismatics on the far right in the Church.


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2 Responses to Is an Ecumenical Council Imminent? Will Francis resign soon?

  1. Alex says:

    I think pope Francis will resign around his 85th birthday. He served for almost 9 years and is sick enough to understandably retire without any blame from anyone: from both friends and foes, traditionalists and liberals, Catholics, Christians, or even atheists. He already earned his place in history and his words will long be repeated and interpreted by following popes. Of course it is solely his own decision. The information coming from the Vatican through various sources (it cannot be official until there is an official decision of the pope himself), and also from himself on several occasions in past years, suggests he would rather resign and not await until he becomes too ill. How that will fit in eschatology, I don’t know. Did the resignation of pope Benedict fit? St John Paul II planned to resign in year 2000 according to his still unpublished diary. For all who want to see “three popes” in the Vatican and some kind of fight between the honorable old men, let they just read the history to know the resignation of a pope does not happen often but it is perfectly acceptable.
    The big question before all who care is: what is next?

  2. Alex says:

    Ron, if you allow me to make a prognosis further:
    Although perfectly possible the tradition only a cardinal to be elected pope to continue, I think that a number of events in the Church and in the world in 21st century will bring forth the full understanding of the rule that every baptized man who can be consecrated as bishop can be elected pope. As the first such election for many centuries (not a precedent!) perhaps it will fall on a dignified holy archbishop among the several thousand Catholic bishops. I do not see how cardinal Arinze, 88, could be elected pope if we would have by that time already two popes resigned in their old ages. Breaking the unwritten rule to elect only cardinals will also pave the way for a future election of a mystic like Fr Zlatko. Also we still don’t know what final document on the conclave pope Francis will leave before resigning (whether it is this year, next year or after two years). He may change quite much of the conclave rules. he may also appoint more cardinals above the limit 120 that was already surpassed by St John Paul II despite he was the one who set it. In other words, we should keep an open mind for the coming actions of the Holy Spirit in the Church, be they this year or later.

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