Please Read Pope Leo XIII on the Roman Pontiff

Here is the link to Satis Cognitum, the document of Pope Leo XIII. It is quite an important magisterial document on the Roman Pontiffs, their authority, their never failing faith, their freedom from heresy and grave error and the like. If you don’t wish to read the whole document, please read sections 12 through 14.

I would also recommending reading my previous article here, if you have not read it already. I argue that the infallible teaching authority of the Church under the ordinary universal Magisterium can never be exercised without the participation of the Roman Pontiff. If it is an idea that was never taught by the Pope, it cannot be infallible under the OUM.

Michael Lofton taught the error, in his video channel, that the OUM does not require the Pope. See his and my comments below this video. That is a fairly serious error since this concerns infallible teachings. He thinks that the Bishops only need to be in communion with the Pope and they can exercise the OUM, even if the Popes have been silent on the matter. I think my article here proves the participation of the Pope is needed.

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3 Responses to Please Read Pope Leo XIII on the Roman Pontiff

  1. It is God’s will that the role of Peter and his successors is to CONFIRM his brothers, that is the body of Bishops in communion with him (Luke 22:32). Peter is our visible head, so a document without this approval is cannot be of the OUM. The Ordinary UNIVERSAL Magisterium cannot be headless, not truly Universal.

  2. Sunimal Fernando says:

    You wrote earlier about Iran, nuclear war , Garbandal warning, Fatima messages. But now you write only related to pope or spiritual communism. Afghanistan changed. But you neglect it. Even corona, you forget everything.

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