How Close Are The End Times?

It seems the world is falling apart, and the disorder and sufferings are worse than ever before. Covid-19 has revived itself with its Delta Variant. Iran is either close to getting nuclear weapons, or may already have one or more bombs. Society has fallen into grave errors, including disordered ideas on gender and the so-called critical race theory. Violence is on the increase, in the form of protests as well as violent crimes. And there is a schism already underway within the Church, whereby the self-proclaimed “most faithful” Pharisees of today put themselves above Popes and Councils to believe whatever they like. There are many other sufferings and disorders in the world today. It is difficult to say if these are so much worse than in the past that they would indicate the End Times.

I’ve written several books of eschatology, the most recent of which is: Summary of Future Events. The first few events of the End Times may be the events predicted at Garabandal and Medjugorje. The Warning is an illumination of consciences of everyone in the world. This occurs on Good Friday of who knows which year. I’ve been wrong on the year many times. But the next year that fits the hits we have about the timing is 2022. If that is the year of the Warning, then the Consolation will be that next Easter Sunday (two days later), and the great Miracle will be Thursday, May 12th, the feast of Blessed Imelda, a young martyr of the Eucharist. The miracle is worldwide miraculous healings of millions of persons (but not everyone will be healed). That would end the Covid-19 crisis and put the world in a better state.

However, it is inevitable that many persons will not repent at the Warning. And some few months after the Miracle, the End Times begin with a War. It is the first event of the first part of the tribulation: World War 3, which is the first Seal of the seven Seals, and the first of the four figurative horsemen of the apocalypse. This will be a war of the Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa against the U.S. and Europe. Already Europe is experiencing a type of internal invasion of violent Muslim youths who commit many crimes. When the War begins, they will undermine the nations from within, as the war rages from without. Europe will fall to the Muslim extremists.

The other events of the four horsemen are these:
1. World War 3
2. severe civil unrest (violent protests and violent crimes)
3. famine especially in wealthy nations
4. death from a variety of causes and the fear of death

Before these events happen, a number of preparatory events must occur:
* Warning, Consolation, and Miracle
* announcement by Iran that they have nuclear bombs
* a pact between Iran and ISIS (controlling Iraq)
* consolidation of the Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa into one group of nations, led by Iran and Iraq. That means Iraq must be captured by extremists.

There is perhaps enough time between now and summer of next years, when I expect the War to begin, to fit all these events. There is only so much time left.

My predictions concerning the first part of the tribulation are limited by certain factors. I expect the End Times to begin during the reign of Pope Francis. The great Catholic monarch is, I believe, Ferdinand Zvonimir, who is a young adult. The prediction is: “he will be in war until his 40th year”, which year would be 2037. That would be the end date for World War 4. So there is only so much time to fit World War 3, an inter-war period, World War 4 and then the last events of the Seals from the first part of the tribulation. The Angelic Shepherd is Fr. Zlatko Sudac, who is an older adult (older than Ferdinand). He received the Seal of the Living God in 1999, and is a true miracle worker and Saint among Saints. I expect him to become Roman Pontiff about the year 2029.

Then the schism that is currently underway must reach full poisonous bloom. While each teaching or decision of Pope Francis continues to enrage them, they still pretend to be Catholic Christians. I expect them to depart from communion with the Pope before the End Times begins.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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5 Responses to How Close Are The End Times?

  1. King Robert the Bruce says:

    Things are certainly happening now adding to events you have described above we also have the Taliban almost back in power after twenty years of a pointless war against them and Saddams Iraq for the September 11 terror attacks which by the way was committed by mainly Saudi nationals also more importantly climate change the World is burning around us we are almost at the tipping point and lunatics like Bolsonaro in Brazil is burning football pitch sized areas of the amazon almost daily there is not a chance humanity will see sense and change direction it will need to take divine intervention I have absolutely no faith in mankind to do the correct thing. just look at the priorities of billionaires like Bezos and his like flying to space will people starve God will have to intervene or humanity will destroy itself.

  2. Alex says:

    thank you, Ron. The lightning advance of the Taliban show that not everything in the large Middle East is controlled by the West/USA and can take unexpected turns. Neighboring Pakistan is a nuclear power with more nukes than India. One can imagine any nightmarish scenarios if some of them go into the wrong hands. I hope the prediction of Europe being overrun by Muslims to be wrong… Good idea that the Miracle will stop the Covid.

  3. P.J. says:

    I know this is just speculation, so there is no right or wrong. But I think ‘consolidation of the Muslim nations’ is very unlikely, as the animus between Sunni and Shia runs very deep. The one earthly thing that the Iranian mullahs want the most, even more than the destruction of the state of Israel, is to take over the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, and cleanse them of the presence of the illegitimate (to them) first caliphs. It is a constant thorn in the side of Saudi officials that Iranian hajis (pilgrims) try to desecrate the tombs of these first caliphs, in ways too revolting to describe here. And this is why several Arab states recently made the ‘Abraham Accords’ with Israel – they fear Iranian aggression more than they dislike Israel.

    I know that sometimes Sunni and Shia groups have cooperated politically, but religiously each considers the other heretics and worthy of destruction. Also the Iranians (Persians) had a high culture when they were conquered by the Arabs, and greatly look down on them – they call them ‘lizard-eaters’! Iran would love to subjugate the Arabs as the Arabs once conquered Iran.
    This inability of Muslim countries to unite is very much in the favor of what used to be called Christendom.

    (I should add that I think most Iranian people are sick of war and want to get along with the West and even Israel, but they have no power, the mullahs are holding onto that by fierce repression.)

    Just some thoughts.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Sunni extremists and Shia extremists have very similar views: ISIS (Sunni) and leaders of Iran (Shia) are all Twelvers with the extreme view that they must start an apocalyptic war to usher in the reappearance of the twelfth Imam and a subsequent worldwide Islamic caliphate.

  4. Alex says:

    Taliban start entering Kabul streets from all sides, peacefully walking in with no resistance… Declaration of Taliban speaker says all people are ensured for their life, property and dignity, all banks, all civil and military servicemen who will be “forgiven”, and they the Taliban do not want to take Kabul by force…Well if they already have taken it by walking in…

    US and other embassies evacuate in a rush by helicopters compared by CNN to Vietnam.
    A time for a sober reassessment of the real situation far beyond Afghanistan.

    What do we want from a world that emerges from one Covid crisis only to enter into another Delta variant? A Climate change that burns us every month and day more, to the dismay of the nay sayers who see a conspiracy in the words “climate change” including certain presidents whose own countries burn out? And that is not even in the secrets, or is it? What worse can happen yet?

    Maybe it is the right time those secrets who are not dogmatically sealed to be revealed. I cannot comprehend how Marija of Medjugorje would say in 2017 she would expect the Triumph of Mary in 2017, without the secrets being even started? If some of the secrets have been cancelled as the 7th is, aren’t we allowed to even know as little as “Secret N2, N4 and N8 were cancelled”? Why would we pray and suffer so much otherwise? A legitimate question from a strong believer, not “a taboo question from a person who ridicules”. The seers are not persons who coin new dogmas. At least they can explain the controversies in their OWN words and the protracted time that according to them (Vicka) should have ended by the year 40. Far not only Medjugorje is in such position. We need answers, both from seers who spent decades to tell us it is going to happen in their/our lifetime, and from Vatican officials who were told of 1960 secret date and surely who know much more than those secrets only. Will they tell us afterwards when the event is over us, in the sky, under ground, in the ocean? And what use of such delayed revelation? For Afghanistan it is all clear – they woke up this morning in another reality. Is our turn next month? (not necessarily anything connected with the Muslims, there are enough other possibilities). Let hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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