Accusations against the Heart and Mind of the Pope

It is never a true accusation when the Roman Pontiff is accused of grave sins against the Faith which are interior. This cannot be true because we fallen sinners in this life have no way of knowing what is in the heart and mind of a human person, like the Pope.

{2:24} But Jesus did not trust himself to them, because he himself had knowledge of all persons,
{2:25} and because he had no need of anyone to offer testimony about a man. For he knew what was within a man.

We are not Jesus. We have no right to judge the heart, mind, or soul of the Pope. And we do not have knowledge of the interior life of the Pope. So all such accusations are false.

“I wonder if my new neighbor, whom I’ve never met and know nothing about, has ever stolen from his employer. Well, maybe he has. I’ll just accuse him without any basis, because I do not like him.”

That is the situation between the papal accusers and Pope Francis. Time and time again we are told, as if it were an obvious fact, that Francis desires this, is planning secretly that, and has a certain interior disposition regarding the Faith. Really? How would you know? This claims are not based on any direct statement from the Pope about his intentions, in which case one could rely on what the Pope himself states. Rather, it is based on an extremely biased evaluation of anything the Pope says or does contrary to the opinion of fallen sinners. And when an accusation is without basis, it is false by its very nature.

It is like some racist accusing President Obama of secret intentions to harm the nation. Why use Obama as an example? Fr. Z. referenced President Obama, whom I greatly respect, here:

No…. Not that. It’ll more along the lines of “If you want your Latin Mass, you can keep your Latin Mass.”

Pace one of the greatest public liars in modern history. [Fr. Z. Rants]

The “if you want your” is a reference to “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” by Obama. And then Fr. Z. says “Pace” by which he means “Pate” (patently, openly, or clearly) and then he judged President Obama to be “one of the greatest liars in modern history.”

How dare you! Have you forgotten that you are a priest? Just because you have an internet following, you think you can say and do whatever your want?

But this is not racism. No, it is the political equivalent of racism, whereby a conservative or traditionalist (not all of them) hates anyone who disagrees, hates anyone with a liberal point of view, hates anyone outside of their little echo chamber of “we are the most faithful”, while at the same time they spew daily hate against the Vicar of Christ.

A priest does not have the right to stand in judgment over anyone, let alone a former President or a Roman Pontiff, or a past Pope or an Ecumenical Council, and declare them to be a liar or to be all the terrible nasty malicious things that Fr. Z. has said against Francis over the years. But because he has a large following online, and financial independence from any diocese, as well as a shell game of “which bishop has authority over me, no one knows!” he makes himself out to be judge over all.

The First See is judged by no one, unless they have a following on the internet.

When the next Pope is elected, or when the next Council is in session, those who spewed hatred against Pope Francis and Vatican II and any other Popes or Councils will have their day of reckoning. And your internet followers will not be present to defend you.

Charism of Never Failing Faith

It is dogma that every Pope has the Charism of Truth and of never failing Faith. Any accusation against Pope Francis or any other Pope or Council approved by a Pope that claims a grave failure of faith or a grave error of truth is dogmatically false. Whoever says otherwise spews heresy. And that includes accusations of interior sins against truth and faith. It is contrary to dogma to even suggest that such a sin contrary to never failing faith is present in any Pope.

Popes can sin mortally, but certain sins are excluded by the prevenient grace of God for the sake of our salvation.

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