Popes Come and Go, But their Teachings Remain Forever

There will never be a time in the future of the Church when the teachings of Pope Francis, likely to join John, Paul, and John Paul as Saint Francis, will not be taught, cited, and used in theological arguments, from now until Christ returns.

Popes come and go, say the opponents of the Vicar of Christ. Yes, but their teachings remain forever. It will forever be a precedent, started by previous Popes but exemplified by Francis, that Popes have supreme authority over the liturgy. And there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot outwait a Pope. When the next conservative Pope is elected, he will not nullify the Pontificate of Francis. When the next Ecumenical Council is held, it will confirm the Pontificate and teachings of Pope Francis, probably by defining that every definitive teaching on faith or morals of every Pope or Council is infallible.

You cannot wait out Pope Francis. His teachings are here to stay, just like the teachings of Pope Saint Nicholas I, Pope Boniface VIII, and Pope Saint Agatho. If you reject Pope Francis, then you are now and you always will be a schismatic and a heretic. You cannot sweep any Pope under the rug. Subjection to Francis is from the necessity of salvation.

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