An Example of Public Formal Heresy and Schism against the Novus Ordo Mass

The following quote is from an article at OnePeterFive by Steve Skojec, titled “Why Do People Have A Problem With the Novus Ordo?” but containing one of the most malicious, false, schismatic, and heretical attacks on the Sacred Liturgy and the Roman Pontiffs who approved this liturgy that I have ever read. And these are the days of anonymous wicked commentary on the internet.

Skojec: “The attack on the liturgy that we have witnessed over the past half-century can be understood as nothing less than a diabolical attempt to strike at the heart of our most important and intimate connection with Our Creator — and also to confuse and disorient us through this loss of perspective. We have been given over to idolatry – the idolatry of self, such that we see the world only through the lens of our own desires. Christ’s sacrifice has been replaced with food and fellowship, His altar of oblation turned into a table, His priesthood adulterated by those persons who intrude upon the domain of the priest but do not possess the ability to act in persona Christi, the universal orientation of priest and people toward God turned inward so that we are, in essence, all just talking to ourselves, and nearly every act of reverence for the sacred has been stripped away.

“Christ remains present in this reinvented, banalized, man-centered liturgy, but He is ignored, forgotten, abused, and upstaged. Like Cain, we no longer offer God our best, but keep it for ourselves. Anyone who attempts to offer God what He deserves, like Abel, is met with envy, contempt, and even violence.


“The architects of the Church’s “new and improved” liturgy knew exactly what they were doing. And they have been successful. They have, with a single stroke, moved the entire liturgical edifice of the Church to a foundation of sand. And now that this edifice is crumbling to the ground, and the faith along with it, they swoop in, telling us that the other truths of our faith are nothing more than “ideals” too hard to live up to, that because things have strayed so far, we must now find ways to accept and work with situations “as they are.” By destroying our understanding of our relationship with God through the central act of prayer of the Church, they have undermined all else besides. Now, after half a century of demolition, they are dismantling what’s left of the faith almost unopposed.”

My Comments

Skojec published the above remarks first in 2018, and again in July of 2021. His claims contradict the dogmas of the indefectibility of the Church, the never failing faith of the Roman Pontiff, and the unblemished character of the Apostolic See. His remarks reject the authority of the Popes and recent Council over the Mass, and usurp that authority for a scattered set of clergy and laity who have made themselves judges over the Magisterium and the Church Herself. They accept nothing taught or decided by any Pope or Council unless it accords with their own ideas and the majority view of their subculture. And that is the very reason that the Supreme Pontiff has decided to restrict and possibly phase out the Latin Mass.


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