Peter holds the Keys; all else is an empty bag

Mary’s latest cautions at Anguera, Brazil:
“Stay away from the facilities offered by the false shepherds.”
This could refer to the schismatic Mass of those who depart from the Church in response so the papal document restricting the Latin Mass (due out this July, I think). We are to carry our crosses. So if the Latin Mass is attractive to you, but is only offered by those who reject the Pope, you must attend the Novus Ordo Mass. The Latin Mass can only be attended if it is not an act of schism against the Pope. Choose the Mass you like the least, if it is the most faithful.

“The abandoning of the key and clinging to the bag: Behold the cause of the great spiritual destruction.”
Peter holds the keys; all else is an empty bag. Imagine two large keys, held within a bag. The keys are the authority of the Pope over doctrine and discipline. The bag is an empty container. Do not reject the papal keys, and instead cling to that which surrounds the keys, a bag, the so-called scholars who argue against the Pope, the schismatic clergy, and a subculture which embraces the Catholic Faith without the keys of the Pope. When you remove the papal keys from the Faith, it is an empty container, a bag.

Stay faithful to Pope Francis and to each and every Pope.


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2 Responses to Peter holds the Keys; all else is an empty bag

  1. Alessandro Arsuffi says:

    When I returned to the Church in about 2010, I did that through the so-called Vetus Ordo. The bishop of Bergamo had recently granted the right to celebrate the Eucharist for about a 100 people in a very little Church in the city. I came to know of this rite as I was approaching the Orthodox faith, thanks to a friend of mine. I feel in love with the rite, I confessed and I returned to the Church. Years later I became a catechist in the parish church in my village. In 2013, s soon as pope Francis ascended the throne of Peter, I immediately noticed the reaction of the other TLM attendants. In another Church, this time under the Archbishopric of Milan, I noticed that the priest had started to omit the memory of the Pope during the Mass. I immediately recognized the action of the devil. Nowadays, I prefer a Mass in the vernacular over a TLM. The rite itself is OK, but the people attending it have their own interpretation of the church, and the “una cum Petro” principle those people evoked under Benedict had completely disappeared. I felt ashamed for them. I pray for them to repent, but I believe they might be too blind now to change their worldview, often combined with a fascist nostalgia that hurts me.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Well said. Good Rite. Weeds have grown up with the wheat. They must repent. The solution is not to accuse Francis or depose Francis or hold your breath until there’s a new Pope. Forward in Faith.

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