Lessons in Eschatology: Parents of the Antichrist (03)

This is “lesson 03”, but the lessons are in no particular order. The first few are based largely on the Secrets of La Salette.

The Antichrist will not be born until the kingdom of the ten kings has been in existence for about 100 years, or at least several generations. During the time of the kingdom of the ten kings, all the nations of the world will be divided into ten groups of nations, called kingdoms, with one prominent powerful leader over each kingdom. Each of these leaders is called a king, even if the leader might be elected and not literally be a monarch. Ten kings, one over each of ten kingdoms, will rule the world for about a century (maybe a little less or a little more). The world will become ever more wicked as this kingdom of the ten kings rules the world during that century (the 24th century; the 2300s, under the Gregorian calendar). At some point, the calendar system will change, so note that these dates are in the present calendar system used in the 20th and early 21st century.

Then, at the end of the 24th century, the Antichrist will be born. At La Salette, the Blessed Virgin Mary says this:

“It will be during this time that the antichrist will be born of a Hebrew religious, of a false Virgin who will have communication with the old serpent, the master of impurity; his father will be Bishop”

The Antichrist is a human being, with a human father and a human mother. His human father will be a Bishop in the Catholic Christian Church. Prior to this period of time, the Christians of the world will have been united into the one holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Also prior to this period of time, all the religions of the world — except for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam — will have passed away. (That occurs by the end of the lesser tribulation, I think.)

So if the Antichrist’s father is a Bishop, he must be a Catholic Bishop. There will not be any other type of Bishop in the world, and all Christians will be Catholic Christians.

Now in some publications of the secrets of La Salette, the text says: “His father will be B.” That is deceitfulness on the part of translators. When Melanie wrote out her secrets, on one occasion she abbreviated the French word for Bishop, Eveque as Ev. That is clearly the abbreviation for Bishop, just as Fr. is the abbreviation for father. But not wanting to say anything negative about the Church, some translators obscured this assertion by the Blessed Virgin Mary and translated it as “B.” Translating words from Heaven carries a higher moral weight than other translations. This was a weighty error.

In the version of the secrets of La Salette sent by Melanie to the priest Abbe Combe, author of Le Secret De Melanie, the word “Eveque” is written out in full. There is no question that the secrets say the father of the Antichrist will be Bishop.

The father of the Antichrist will be a wicked Catholic Christian Bishop. This makes sense because, if all Catholics remained faithful to Christ, there would never be an Antichrist. Perhaps the whole world would have been converted by now, if all Christians lived the true faith well. So it is in a sense fitting that his father will be a very sinful Bishop. The worst sins in the world are sins against religion. And the Antichrist will be the most sinful human person ever.

Then the mother of the Antichrist will be “a Hebrew religious, of a false Virgin”. So his mother will claim to be a virgin, and yet be with child. She is a Hebrew, meaning of Hebraic descent, and likely she will have a Jewish background. This means that some of her ancestors will have been Jews. But she is called a religious, so this means she is a Catholic Christian, but very wicked, like the father of the Antichrist.

In this future time, knowledge of Christianity will be scant and distorted among the peoples of the world. If you ask a politician about the ideas and works of his opponent, during a bitter political rivalry, his answer is not trustworthy. He will distort any answer about his opponent. Similarly, the society of that time will spread false claims about Christianity. So when the mother of the Antichrist claims to be a virgin, yet she is with child, it is difficult to anticipate how this might be seen by the world at that time. She is apparently claiming to be the mother of a special child. And she does not wish the world to know that his father is a Catholic Bishop.

Just as the Antichrist is a false Christ, his mother will be a false virgin Mary. Since the Blessed Virgin Mary is most chaste and pure, the mother of the Antichrist will be exceedingly unchaste and impure.

The secret says that the mother of the Antichrist “will have communication with the old serpent, the master of impurity.” The mother of the Antichrist, perhaps his father also, and certainly the Antichrist himself will each have conversations with Satan. Then, when the Antichrist is an adult, Satan and other devils assist him in his evil works and his evil kingdom.

If any person is claimed to be the Antichrist, he must have a father who is a Bishop and a mother who is a nun of Hebraic descent. Also, the Antichrist cannot be born until the world has been ruled by the kingdom of the ten kings for about a century. As for the false prophetess, she lives during the same time period as the Antichrist.

More writings on eschatology at a later time.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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6 Responses to Lessons in Eschatology: Parents of the Antichrist (03)

  1. MArcos Vázquez says:

    Ron, do you believe the mother of the Antichrist may be the false profetess? Since you present both of them as the antitype of the Blessed Virin Mary, it would make sense.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I see what you are saying. They are both wicked women. And both are a type of anti-virgin-mary. But I think they are different persons. The Antichrist does not seem to know the false prophetess until about a thousand days into his reign. He has a military defeat, and he consults with Catholic apostates on how best to destroy the Catholic Church. She is prominent in that group, and he decides to follow her plan.

  2. Sunimal Fernando says:

    1. Pope and Vatican accepted , Laselatte message?
    2.Pope and Vatican accepted, Fatima message?
    3.Pope and Vatican accepted, Garbandal warning?
    4.Mother Mary said” when communism comes again, everything will happen”
    Do you accept this?
    5.Father Pio accepted this?

    • Ron Conte says:

      I think the type of Communism is not political, but spiritual. Spiritual Communism is analogous to political Communism: overthrow of proper authority, giving rule to the masses — seemingly — but really just putting different persons in power, resulting in totalitarianism in religion. That is what we are seeing now on the far right.

  3. Alex says:

    The ultra conservative brethren believe they know the apparitions better than all others. However there are secrets in all major authentic apparitions that they do not know. The pope knows everything available. Including from the above listed apparitions and from not so famous ones, and also from those not recognized by the Church so he knows what is not to be believed. If there is a secret possible to be known, he knows it. Mirjana said that if the pope asks her for the first secret, she would not respond to him: no, I will give it to Fr Petar instead…

    With so much unknown for all of us, the best to do is to listen to the pope and those wise ones whom God put in our midst who apparently understand more than us. Humility is needed to know the secrets of God. The ultra conservatives who cry “humility” show it the least of all.

    We all know of the “A” letter that will be the Great Warning in Garabandal. How many of us have figured it out? Because we all say we know the Great Warning, but in fact we do not know what it consists of. We were told it will be like two stars colliding. It is not unimportant.

    Moreover, we cannot know when the Second Coming of Jesus will come. Jesus himself said that even He doesn’t know. Then how could we know the antichrist is among us? Everyone could estimate 3.5 years since then. There were so many evil rulers in history and none of them were the real antichrist. Even if he is among us we will never know it in advance, because it means to know the almost exact coming of Jesus, something that God the Father reserved for Himself. There are events beforehand that haven’t been accomplished including the Jews’ acceptance of Jesus Christ and the Evangelization of the entire world that certainly doesn’t stop at the straight of Taiwan or Japan.

    The ultra conservatives make a big mistake to refuse the reason and knowledge of those who know more of them, in first place the pope. St Thomas Aquinas whom they quote constantly did not act or write as they do today, rather listened to sound reason and to those above him in the Church. One of those he listened to was the Greek philosopher Aristoteles. That’s why St Thomas Aquinas is without comparison. God is God of logos not of chaos as he explained.

    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6.
    That will be true very soon for all those unfortunate self-confident believers who now disregard and ridicule the people sent to them in various ways including online. They have been warned, including by the pope himself recently.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I think the “A” that occurs before the Warning stands for Angel. The Angels have always been the heralds of God’s work in humanity.

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