the hypocrisy of the Great Apostasy Conference

on June 24 to 26, a group of heretics and schismatics are gathering to decry the great apostasy in the Church today. The speakers include John-Henry Westen, who has rejected the authority of Pope Francis and accused him of many grave errors on doctrine and discipline, and who has published the rantings of schismatic Bishop Vigano; Brother Andre Marie who is literally the leader of a group of Feeneyites (they believe only Catholics can be saved), Andre was formally corrected by the CDF and refused to give up his heresies on salvation; Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, who has accused many Popes and Councils of teaching heresy and other grave errors; Fr. James Altman, who has defied his own bishop, preached against the Covid vaccine, and has put himself above the Bishops of the Church to decide matters of doctrine and discipline.

There will be a great apostasy during each of the two parts of the tribulation. And I believe we are close to the start of the first part; we will see many Catholics leave the faith.

But the solution is not to rebel against the Pope and the Bishops, and then replace them with online media outlets, and an odd collection of speakers and authors. At least several of the leaders of that “great apostasy” conference are promoting schism and teaching heresy themselves, and that is the path to apostasy.

The Roman Pontiff has the charism of truth and of never failing faith; he can never teach or commit heresy. That is a dogma of the Catholic Faith taught by the Sixth Ecumenical Council, Vatican I, and by perennial Church teaching.

The body of Bishops, only as a body, has the same charisms as the Pope, except for charisms that are specific to the head of the Church, and not to the body. But the body of Bishops can only exercise these charisms with the consent of the Pope and never without it.

Apostasy, heresy, and schism are found in those members of the Church, from individual Bishops, small groups of Bishops, to priests, and all the rest, who depart from the teachings, disciplines, or communion with the Pope and the body of Bishops.

Heresy and schism, such as is already rampant on the left and the right in the Church, are the path to apostasy. The leaders of the great apostasy are those who promote and teach schism and heresy.


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