The See of Peter in perennial Church teaching

The See of Peter in perennial Church teaching

The Apostolic See of Peter and his successors:
+ always remains unblemished by any error
+ has never wandered from the path of Apostolic tradition
+ has never succumbed to heretical novelties
+ remains unsullied
+ has neither stain nor blemish
+ Blessed Peter lives in his own See and presides there
+ whoever has gathered elsewhere is scattering
+ dangers to the faith are mended
+ one cannot think the faith is lacking
+ remains pure and spotless
+ free from all leading into error, or heretical fraud
+ enforces silence, stopping the mouths of all heretics
+ remains free from the heretical stench
+ polluted by no crack of depravity and no contagion
+ Peter is less able to err than the Church herself
+ the truth cannot be falsified
+ the faith of Peter can never be shaken or changed
+ pure from all stain of error
+ has never turned away from the path of truth in any direction of error
+ all the venerable Fathers have embraced its Apostolic doctrine
+ the holy orthodox doctors have venerated and followed it
+ has always held and defended the true faith
+ has never erred from the path of the Apostolic tradition
+ never yielded to heretical innovations
+ remains undefiled unto the end
+ whose authority there is none greater
+ is to be refused by no one
+ holds perpetual and divinely rooted and planted privileges
+ to this point the faith of Peter has not failed, nor can it be believed that it is ever going to fail in his throne
+ the faith of Peter, which so far neither has failed, nor up to the end will fail
+ whoever resists this authority, resists the ordination of God
+ this authority, given to a man and exercised by a man, is divine
+ every human creature is to be subject to the Roman pontiff
+ could never teach something against the faith
+ the guardian of dogma and morals
+ the counselor of princes and peoples
+ guards with the greatest vigilance the deposit of the faith
+ the refuge from heresy and strife
+ perpetually assisted by the Holy Spirit
+ charged with guarding, teaching, explaining and spreading the Truth of Divine Revelation
+ has divine assistance in the integral exercise of its mission
+ homage is most justly due to this Apostolic See
+ and finally: love the Pope.

The above teachings about the Roman Pontiff and the privileges and gifts of his See are from many different sources, mainly magisterial sources with some Church fathers and Saints. These points were taken from chapter 3 of my forthcoming book (which I maybe should divide into two smaller books lest it never be finished).

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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