The Never Failing Faith of the Popes

Updated List of Quotes Here. Popes, Pope-Saints, Saints and various magisterial sources are listed, teaching that Popes never fail in faith and never fall into grave error on doctrine or discipline. For the indefectibility of the Church relies upon the indefectibility of the Roman Pontiffs.

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4 Responses to The Never Failing Faith of the Popes

  1. Thanks for the update, Ron. Perhaps the following one regarding our One Head can make it to the list:
    Unam Sanctam: “And so, the one and only Church is one body, one head, (not two heads like a monster), Christ certainly, and the vicar of Christ, [who is ] Peter and the successor of Peter.” Later confirmed by Pope Pius XII in Mystici Corporis Christi.

    If I’m not mistaken this Papal Bull was also confirmed by the Fifth Lateran Council. So this is definitely an infallible teaching.

  2. Matt says:

    I would omit Saints from the list as a source that Popes have never failing faith. The other ones are good to have on the list.

    Reason is that numerous Saints have inaccurately stated that most humans perish in Hell. This has always bothered me and it is not true at all.

    • Thomas Mazanec says:

      Matt, we don’t KNOW the exact fraction of people in Hell. But we KNOW Geocentrism is wrong, and I once read of a canonized Saint who had a vision of a Geocentric Universe, so Saint visions are not infallible.

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