Rome will lose the Faith and become the Seat of the Antichrist

If I present anything from private revelation, even to a Blessed or Saint, my theological opponents will cry out: “We don’t have to believe anything in private revelation”. True enough. But when the contents of a private revelation please them, the same persons treat that source like dogma. Now certain persons, wishing to oppose Pope Francis, have been using the private revelations at La Salette to attack not only the Pope, but the Holy See and the Church Herself.

The Blessed Virgin Mary at La Salette: “Rome will lose the Faith and become the Seat of the Antichrist.”

Absent La Salette, based on my work in Catholic eschatology, I could have told you the same truth. The people of Rome, not the Pope or the Holy See, but the persons living in the secular city of Rome, lose the Faith. They follow the Antichrist when he rises to power. And then they rise up against the Pope of that time, called “Antipas” by the book of Revelation, to kill him. Those few faithful who are left in the Vatican City of that time or in Rome are killed or driven into exile.

Then the Antichrist, wishing to destroy the true Church and to replace it with his own false Church, makes Rome to be the seat of his religion authority. He makes Jerusalem to be the seat of worship in his false Church. The Antichrist never attempts to become Pope, nor to run the Catholic Church, nor to make his false prophet into a Pope. Rather, he sets up his own false religion, worshipping himself, not Jesus Christ. And then this false Church fights against the true Catholic Church, which still exists and is clearly separate from the false Church of the Antichrist.

The false interpretation is that “Rome will lose the Faith” means that the Roman Pontiff and/or the Holy See will lose the Faith and begin to teach heresy, to lead people astray, and to try to destroy the Church. This claim is false and contrary to dogma. The indefectibility of the Church is a dogmatic teaching; the Magisterium has always taught that the Church can never go astray or lead astray. Then the Pope is also indefectible, in the sense that he is the Rock on which the Church is founded and he cannot fail in faith (Mt 16:18; Lk 22:32). So no Pope has ever or can ever teach grave error, nor try to corrupt the Church, nor fail in faith by heresy, apostasy, or idolatry. So this false interpretation is heretical and schismatic. It tries to convince the faithful not to trust the Pope or the body of Bishops, as if we were in or near the time when “Rome” would lose the faith. This leads the faithful away from the Church, which is the body of Christ.

As for the Rome becoming the seat of the Antichrist, meaning the location of his authority, that does not imply that the Antichrist is Pope or is associated with the Pope. So the Holy See does not become the See of the Antichrist, as in the false interpretation. Rather, secular sinful Rome becomes the See of the Antichrist’s false religion.

In the book of Daniel, the time is described when Rome loses the Faith and become the See of the Antichrist.

{9:24} Seventy weeks of years are concentrated on your people and on your holy city, so that transgression shall be finished, and sin shall reach an end, and iniquity shall be wiped away, and so that everlasting justice shall be brought in, and vision and prophecy shall be fulfilled, and the Saint of saints shall be anointed.
{9:25} Therefore, know and take heed: from the going forth of the word to build up Jerusalem again, until the Christ leader, there will be seven weeks of years, and sixty-two weeks of years; and the wide path will be built again, and the walls, in a time of anguish.
{9:26} And after sixty-two weeks of years, the Christ leader will be slain. And the people who have denied him will not be his. And the people, when their leader arrives, will destroy the city and the sanctuary. And its end will be devastation, and, after the end of the war, the desolation will be set up.
{9:27} But he will confirm a covenant with many for one week of years; and for half of the week of years, victim and sacrifice will nearly cease; but there will be in the temple the abomination of desolation. And the desolation will continue even to the consummation and the end.”

The “going forth of the word to build up Jerusalem again” is 1948 when the State of Israel was declared. Then the arrival of the Christ leader (a Christian leader in my interpretation) was 49 years later (7 weeks of years) in 1996 counting 1948 as year one. And that is when the great Catholic monarch was born (Ferdinand Zvonimir). Then 62 weeks of years later is week 69, which is one week of years before the end of the 70 weeks of years. That one week of years has traditionally been considered the reign of the Antichrist. So week 69 is when the Antichrist rises to power. At that point, “the Christ leader will be slain.” In this case, there is a dual meaning. The Christian leader of the South falls to the king of the North, the Antichrist, in warfare, by means of betrayal: “And the people who have denied him will not be his.” He will be betrayed.

Then also, the Roman Pontiff of that time, who is also “the Christ leader”, is slain by the followers of the Antichrist. This is detailed in the next sentence: “And the people, when their leader arrives, will destroy the city and the sanctuary.” The supporters of the Antichrist kill the Roman Pontiff after the Christian king of the South is killed. The kingdom of the South was the last protection that Catholic Christians and other believers had against those who hate religion in the world. Once that kingdom, which includes the Holy Land, fell to the Antichrist, those who hate the Church felt free to kill the Pope and destroy the city, meaning the Vatican City of that time, and the sanctuary, meaning all the Churches of Rome, especially the main Basilica of that time.

“And its end will be devastation, and, after the end of the war, the desolation will be set up.”

In the end, Rome will be destroyed. It will no longer be needed once Christ Returns. And after the end of the war, meaning the rise to power of the Antichrist, the abomination of desolation will be set up. See my other posts and my books about the abomination.

{11:25} And his strength and his heart will be enraged against the king of the South with a great army. And the king of the South will be provoked into going to war by having many allies and exceedingly good circumstances, and yet these will not stand, for they will form plans against him.
{11:26} And those who eat bread with him will crush him, and his army will be suppressed, and very many will die, having been executed.

The Antichrist, as the king of the North, will make war against the Christian king of the South. Those who eat bread with him, are those who receive the Eucharist with him, yet they are not Catholic Christians, as “the people who have denied him will not be his.”

After defeating the king of the South, the Antichrist as the king of the North, defeats the next two most powerful kingdoms.

{11:27} And the heart of two kings will be similar, to do harm, and they will speak lies at one table, but they will not succeed, because as yet the end is for another time.

Again, by betrayals, the Antichrist takes control of these two kingdoms as well. Now he has put down three kings.

{7:24} Moreover, the ten horns of the same kingdom will be ten kings, and another will rise up after them, and he will be mightier than the ones before him, and he will bring down three kings.

In the latter years of the kingdom of the ten kings, the Antichrist rises to power as the king of the North, one of the ten. He then defeats three kings, so that the kingdom of the ten kings becomes a kingdom with 7 heads (the Antichrist and the six remaining king) and 10 horns (ten kingdoms). This is the beast of Revelation:

{12:3} And another sign was seen in heaven. And behold, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems.
{12:4} And his tail drew down a third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman, who was about to give birth, so that, when she had brought forth, he might devour her son.

The great red dragon is the kingdom of the ten kings, after it has been taken over by the Antichrist. The seven diadems are the seven rulers over the false religion of the Antichrist. These are, at first, the same as the temporal rulers over the ten kingdoms. Each ruler will have both temporal and spiritual authority. Then later, when the false prophetess convinces the Antichrist to make a formal structure for his religion, there will be one spiritual leader for each of the ten kingdoms, so ten diadems. And these rulers are separate from the temporal rulers, who are still seven.

{13:1} And I saw a beast ascending from the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon its horns were ten diadems, and upon its heads were names of blasphemy.

The formal religion of the Antichrist gives each ruler blasphemous titles.

The tail of the dragon, meaning the religion of the Antichrist, drags down a third of the “stars”, meaning a third of the Catholic Bishops go astray by following the Antichrist. Then the woman is the Church. She is not destroyed by the Antichrist or his kingdom. She is not corrupted by him. She withstands the Antichrist and his false teachings. For the gates of Hell never prevail over the Church.

So the Pope and the Holy See and the Church never lose the Faith. And the Rome that becomes the See of the Antichrist is sinful secular Rome, not the Roman Pontiff or his See.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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7 Responses to Rome will lose the Faith and become the Seat of the Antichrist

  1. Alex says:

    The ultra conservatives repeatedly err by judging Vatican, Popes, Councils, also newly canonized saints. They cannot move on from their own hypothesis that the untold secrets speak of antichrist in the Vatican. How do they know? What if the antichrist /false prophet is one of their own or their descendants?

    La Salette prophecy is very long in time. It ends how Satan rises up to the skies and is defeated there. That implies some kind of cosmic battle. And the interpretation of the third of the stars in Revelation 12 to be bishops – stars is quite a symbolic one. Good for the time, but no more today when we have much larger amount of knowledge of the surrounding universe (something that the ultra conservatives repeatedly deny the achievements of the science – some of them defend the flat earth theory while others deny the galaxies to be composed of stars, etc). However maybe we are not at that time yet for many years even centuries, so maybe that discussion can wait.

    Now we have other urgent needs. The pope speaks of them. He is not antichrist, he is pastor who cares for his flock. The majority of his flock lives in the Third world much below the wealthy line in USA. You can’t have the average person in USA to have 3 or more cars “because he works”, and the average person in Asia to live with 4$ a day if he is lucky enough to have a hard job, and that model to continue for much longer. There is urgent need to change it, and that need is neither liberal nor socialist nor satanic. It is in the Gospel for whoever reads it. Do the ultra conservative Catholic brethren understand that? Or they will be saved miraculously while the entire world dies off because they are so much good in their pride and arrogance? Rather the opposite, it is They who will not be saved, unless they repent Now. If there is a group of people who deserves to be left to die off in whatever minor tribulation/chastisement is coming, it is exactly the wealthy, arrogant, self-indulged heretics mostly but not only in USA. They will not be saved, and they themselves will refuse to be saved, branding FEMA as satanic and so on. They have been told, let they repent Now!

    • Ron Conte says:

      The La Salette prophecies end with the Antichrist rising up into the air, in a false Ascension, in perverse imitation of Christ. Daniel 8:25 “he will rise up against the Lord of lords, and he will be knocked down without a hand.”

  2. Alex says:

    some comments regarding the holy pope that I read in churchmilitant:
    “Until people begin to realize he is not the pope and never was, they will not be able to put this puzzle together. The Holy Spirit would not put a heretic in charge of the Church founded by Christ”
    “Pope Francis. Worst. Pope. Ever. I would rather have Pope Stephen VI or Alexander VI”
    “I suggest not referring to him as Pope as it denigrates the spiritual office. It’s Bergoglio. He certainly doesn’t comport himself like a successor to Peter and a Vicar for Christ. The only exception I make to this rule is when I pray for him at Mass, which as you can imagine is extremely painful.”

    OK what more insulting wording can be expected from people like churchmilitant? Even Taylor Marshall is less worse than that. Those people are not Catholics and probably not Christians as well. And the worst is when they start quoting Jesus, St Thomas Aquinas, Medjugorje. What do they have in common? Nothing! I guess Satan could quote the Gospel no worse than them. Am I too stern suggesting that some of them might be secret Satanists implanted to destroy the Church from inside? But no, the German bishops you know defend the gay people… the usual culprit are the gay people. Too soft convenient target to be shot at everytime when otherwise a major change must happen, a change that will see the above mentioned people outside the Church. They have deserved excommunications many times by now. Those people above are not saints neither knights for righteousness. Those people serve the great accuser alone, knowingly or unknowingly. And I bet some of them know very well what they are doing. Because you can’t celebrate the Divine Mercy one Sunday and to assassinate morally someone or a group of people the following days. Even if those people are sinners. God alone can judge. Jesus clearly said to St Faustina those who do not show mercy will not receive mercy as well.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Those quotes are from various commentators at Church Militant. As is also the case with those who comment on Marshall or other papal accusers, the comments are worse than the articles. There is a large number of “Catholics” who are in a state of severe heresy and severe schism, worse than the leaders of the schism.

  3. Sunimal Fernando says:

    Enoch – after the warning. Com

    …. My flock, Enoch and Elijah are already in your midst, but your lack of faith has not allowed you to recognize and accept them. My two witnesses will not appear publicly until after the Warning. They have the spirit of Enoch and Elijah of the Old Testament. The mission of one is to evangelize and the other has as his mission to fight with the Antichrist in the time of his last reign. Rejoice then because very soon you will meet my two witnesses……

    • Ron Conte says:

      The above is a false prophecy. The website it is from is untrustworthy, promoting many false private revelations. The Antichrist takes power over the whole world, and then, about halfway through his reign, the two prophets appear publicly to the world. Also, the Antichrist takes power within the kingdom of the ten kings, which has not occurred yet. That kingdom of the ten kings must reign for about a century before the Antichrist takes power. So the Antichrist does not arrive in this generation, and not for hundreds of years yet.

  4. Alex says:

    Even if Rome is destroyed, or become a seat of the Antichrist in some future, it is by no means to say that the pope at that time will be the antichrist. The pope may or may not reside in Rome. St Peter resided first in Jerusalem and then in Antioch before moving to Rome and finally martyred. There is no command of Jesus to Peter to be exactly in Rome. That is a decision of Peter himself.

    The schismatics are very wrong, and paradoxically what they defend as “holy remnant church that follows the original Roman rite and teachings” is actually cut off from the root that is the actual see of Peter. I cannot understand why they are still officially members of the Church and not excommunicated by now. Maybe because the world and the Church have enough other problems, like Covid, disastrous poverty in the third world, unemployment of millions within the developed world, the danger of nuclear holocaust as we see unfolding in Ukraine and other places, the danger of irreparably destroy the nature that will pass over the next generations of innocent children born and unborn yet. All those issues and more the ultra conservative fanatics conveniently wrap up in the so called “liberal -socialist agenda” of “US Democrats, pope Francis, World Economic Forum, the EU, the Chinese communist party etc” and put together in their mixcture the issues of LGTB…and Abortions! Give me a break! Are they so crazy personally or are they trying to make us crazy? I want to see them working in the agriculture themselves as they promote to be the future of the world, to be actually living as 15th century. But then they should repent as the people in 15th century with nearly blind obedience to ecclesiastical and civil authorities at that time. Something that the ultra conservatives will not do thanks to their very nature – that of rebellion that ultimately goes back to Eden garden and to the Great Accuser.
    Pope Francis is saintly, he cannot be stronger at his age, and maybe the ultra conservatives should be very thankful for his weakness and use the last months of them left to repent and stop listening the wolves their leaders.

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