Catholics who reject Church authority, per se, are not Catholic

I find it very strange that, in reaction to the recent CDF document saying the Church cannot bless gay unions, some “Catholics” are leaving the Church and others are rebuking Pope Francis and the Church for being “obviously” wrong.

We believe what Jesus teaches because He is the Son of God and the Savior of the world. We Catholics believe what the Catholic Church teaches because the Lord Jesus founded the Church to teach through the successors to the Apostles by the work of the Holy Spirit. It is a matter of faith. If your reason contradicts clear and definitive teachings of the Church, then you are the one who is wrong. The Church is indefectible, and so She can never teach grave error. The Church’s 2000 year teaching on marriage and sex and related sins is infallible, and will never change.

If you do not accept a particular dogma of the Church, that is the sin of heresy. But if you do not accept the Church as your Teacher and as your Guide, that is the sin of schism. Writing an article proclaiming that the Pope and the Church are wrong, is simply a way to proclaim your rejection of your own faith as a Catholic. You are leaving the Church by such a public statement. These statements being made by various persons are public formal schism. They not only reject Church teaching on a particular issue, but they often clearly show that the person claiming to be Catholic does not accept the Pope, the body of Bishops, or the Church as Teacher, as an authoritative teacher to which the person must submit. Catholics are persons who submit their minds and hearts to the teachings and judgments of the Church, which teaches with the authority of Christ.

It is absurd for these persons to proclaim how faithful they, in their own self-judgment, have been while at the same time telling everyone that they will not accept any teaching contrary to their own understanding. Even an atheist believes the Church when Church teaching happens to be the same as the atheist’s views. If you cannot submit your mind and heart to Church teaching, no matter what that might be, then you are not a Catholic. Stop pretending to be Catholic. Stop shouting about how you are on the verge of leaving the Church. You left years ago. Don’t call yourself Catholic unless you believe what the Church teaches.


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  1. Thomas Mazanec says:


  2. Sunimal Fernando says:

    If Catholic church bless gay unions, better to leave it. We are praying to God the father, son Jesus, holy spirit . Then mother Mary and saints. And not to pope or cardinal or priests. At present , as This is the end times faith will be tested. All priests are not approve same-sex or abortion. So we have good shepherds. Not necessary to change Catholicism. So not necessary to leave it.

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