Muslims and Christians in the End Times

What I know is that, during both parts of the tribulation, Christians who are being severely persecuted, and at times massacred, will rely on faithful Muslims for help against the dangers. In addition, during the reign of the Antichrist (in the distant future), faithful Christians, Jews, and Muslims will all oppose him together.

At the end of the first part of the tribulation, Christianity will have great success at conversions throughout the world, largely due to the Rosary. So there will be many more Christians than Muslims or Jews. But as time progresses, Christianity becomes slowly rejected by the world, and the religion with the most members will be Islam. Then Judaism will be a very distant second, in terms of the number of members. Christianity will be last, as we will be hated by all nations.

Since Muslims will greatly outnumber Christians in the time of the Antichrist (25th century), we Christians will need to depend on help from them. The faithful among the three great monotheistic religions will sacrifice their lives to help one another.

This also happens in the occupied territories during the first part of the tribulation (not long from now). Christians will be persecuted and later massacred by Muslim extremists, but they will have much help from faithful non-extremist Muslims, who will risk their lives to help Christians.

So when Catholics on the far right say terrible things about Muslims, I just shake my head at their ignorance.

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