Please Beware of False Claims about the End Times

Beware of claimed visionaries, who say they have messages from heaven about the future. Most of these are false. I can usually tell which are false as I have studied this topic and written many articles on the subject.
See this page.

Beware of priests, theologians, and lay persons who suddenly present themselves as experts on the End Times, having no experience at studying and writing on the subject. It is quite a difficult field, as the magisterium has not given many definitive teachings, and the source material is vast and varied.

You can rest assured of a few things. First, that the End Times is divided into two parts. The first part is followed by a 25-year time of peace and rebuilding. Then there is a long slow return to sin and sufferings. Then, a few hundred years later is the time of the Antichrist. So do not believe anyone who claims the Antichrist is in the world today.

The Church will never fail. The Pope will never teach grave error, nor fail in faith by heresy, apostasy, or idolatry. The body of Bishops will always follow the true Pope; no Pope accepted by the body of Bishops as the Pope can be false, regardless of the situation of the conclave.

There will be two conclaves both outside of Rome, one true which elects a true Pope, and the other a false conclave, which elects a very popular antipope. If I life, God willing, I’ll tell you which is the true one. But you should be able to figure it out for yourselves; he is the Pope elected by the Cardinals and Bishops who remained faithful to each Pope, to Francis and to his successor. He is the Pope who is rejected by the world and by the worldly within the Church, just as Christ was crucified by the world. He is the Pope accepted by the body of Bishops, not just by a handful of schismatic Bishops. For schismatic and heretical Bishops lose all their authority.

Ron Conte

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2 Responses to Please Beware of False Claims about the End Times

  1. Sunimal Fernando says:

    You said “The first part is followed by a 25-year time of peace and rebuilding. ”
    How do you write this? Evidence please.
    You said in previous one, Iran will win the war.

    “This event is World War 3, the war of the Muslim extremists, led by Iran and Iraq (ISIS). They will use at least two nuclear weapons. I said “at least”. They will attack the U.S., conquer Europe, and win the War.”

    Is that the first part of end times?
    I think, Then Persecution to Christians. Garbandal warning will occur after that.
    Then Gospel will be popular among the nations. GOD can do everything. So time will be shortened. (2nd part you said) Last 3 1/2 YEARS.Then end comes.

    • Ron Conte says:

      At La Salette, Mary said there would be 25 years of peace (essentially, after the first part of the tribulation).

      The first Seal is World War 3. The sixth Seal is World War 4, in which the U.S. and the Muslim extremists engage in an all-out nuclear war.

      The reign of the Antichrist, in the second part of the tribulation, lasts between 6 and 7 years, the worst part is the 3.5 years when the false prophetess assists him in trying to destroy the Church by setting up a competing false Church.

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