The Francis Critics Have No Faith At All…

…or they have a weak faith that is not rooted in the Magisterium. Their arguments against Francis are essentially based on their own ideas, with no regard for Catholic dogma. They do not believe in the indefectibility of the Church, the charism of truth and never failing faith, the Popes as the Rock on which the Church is founded. They think like an atheist, writing about religion.

A faithful Catholic begins with what he knows to be certain by FAITH: indefectible Church, the promises and teaching of Christ on Peter and his successors, and that the Church is Apostolic. These truths lead to the conclusion that Francis is the true Pope and he cannot err gravely on faith or morals under the Magisterium. Even the noninfallible Magisterium is protected from grave error.

The Francis critics quickly turn into papal accusers, schismatics, and heretics because they have dogmatized their own opinions on religion. Vigano argues against Francis based on his own distorted ideas about the End Times. He uses conspiracy theories to argue against the Pope and the recent Councils. That is not Faith.

Many of these papal accusers have no infused virtue of faith at all. None. They are not in the state of grace. They believe absolutely nothing based merely on faith. Their beliefs are based on their own understanding. Their idols are themselves. Nothing of true Christianity remains in them, as they do not put Jesus above their own minds and hearts. He is not their Lord. He is a coathook on which they hang their own ideas, which they then worship.

They will go to Hell when they die because without faith, one cannot be in the state of grace.

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