Commentary on the Book “Infiltration” by Taylor Marshall (part 1)

Taylor R. Marshall, Ph.D., wrote a book titled “Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within”, published May 31, 2019.

Launch Team

The book very quickly amassed hundreds of positive reviews from members of the book’s “Launch Team”. These are persons who received a free advance copy of the book from Taylor Marshall and had their names added to the book, in exchange for agreeing to promote the book online after it was released, and agreeing to do an Amazon review of the book. More on the Launch Team here.

Meeting Pope Francis

This book is severely heretical and schismatic. It rejects the dogma of the indefectibility of the Church. It accuses Pope Francis of being “a Pope for Satan on the Roman Chair of Saint Peter” [Kindle location 117 of Infiltration]. Marshall also writes: “It has been a slow, patient plan to establish a Satanic revolution with the pope as puppet.” [Kindle location 127]. These are exceedingly grave accusations to make against any Pope, especially against the current Roman Pontiff. These claims about Pope Francis contradict the definitions of the First Vatican Council that the Church is indefectible, and that each Roman Pontiff has the charism of truth and of never failing faith. Marshall rejects these dogmas.

Neither does he claim that Francis is an invalid Pope. To the contrary, Taylor Marshall openly states in the book that he recognizes that Francis is the valid Pope, and he has chosen to publicly resist him. Then, in one of his videos, which I discuss here, Marshall says that “if you’re saying that he’s a heretic… an heretical Pope, my ecclesiastical sense says, you also have to say: ‘And therefore I am not in communion with him.’ ” And it is abundantly clear from his many videos and his book that Taylor Marshall believes that Pope Francis is a heretic. Then Marshall says in the same video: “I recognize Pope Francis as the Pope. I resist him to his face.” Concerning the document “Human Fraternity”, on the point of the diversity of religions being the will of God, Marshall says in that video: “this statement bothers me more, I think it’s more heretical, more grievous than anything in Amoris Laetitia….”

Then Taylor Marshall says into the camera, as if speaking to Pope Francis: “You are wrong on Luther. You are wrong on Justification. You are wrong on cohabitation. You are wrong on divorce and remarriage, and absolution and Communion for people living in objective sin. You are wrong on all of these things. It’s contrary to the Councils, Tradition, Fathers.”

So, in summary, Taylor Marshall accuses Pope Francis of heresy, but recognizes him as the valid Pope. He also says that anyone who calls the Pope a heretic is not in communion with him. And Marshall stated in a video that he resists him to his face. And then they met. Did Taylor Marshall resist Pope Francis to his face? Not at all. Did he tell the Pope he was wrong on this and that, as he so boldly stated in the video? Nope. What happened when Dr. Marshall went to Rome and met Pope Francis? He handed the Pope a copy of his book “Infiltration” — which accuses the Pope of being a “Pope for Satan” and of being the result of a Satanic revolution with the pope, Pope Francis, as Satan’s puppet — and then he had his picture taken with the Pope. He told the Pope he and his family were praying for his holy intentions. And that’s it. No resisting him to his face. Then he used this meeting on social media to promote the book.

What a coward! He handed the Roman Pontiff, the Supreme Ruler of the universal Church, a book that accuses him of being a Satanic puppet and a Pope for Satan — without the Pope having any idea what severe malice is in the book. And then he has his picture taken with him, and he kisses up to the Pope, saying he is praying for his holy intentions. What a two-faced hypocrite! I don’t care what you theological views are, you don’t shout from you basement webcam about how you resist the Roman Pontiff to his face, and then kiss his ass when you meet him.

To make matters worse, Marshall later explained on Twitter that he and his family only pray for those intentions of the Pope that they consider to be holy. So, in other words, he was deceiving the Pope to his face when he said they pray for the Pope’s “holy” intentions. And why would you meet with a Pope you consider to be a Satanic puppet? Why would you pray for any of his intentions, if you actually believe what you teach to the tens of thousands who have read that book, that Francis is a Pope for Satan, and a teacher of heresy?

Taylor Marshall is so filled with pride that he compared himself to Saint Paul correcting Saint Peter. Marshall boasted he would resist Francis to his face. He shouted into the camera “You are wrong on this, you are wrong on that!” And then when he meets the Pope, he doesn’t have the backbone to say the least critical thing. Instead, he pretends to be a supporter of the Pope by saying he prays for the Pope’s intentions. What happened to resisting him to his face?

Some questions for Taylor Marshall:
If Pope Francis is a Pope for Satan, a Satanic puppet, who teaches heresy, how can he still be a valid Pope? All the Church fathers taught that a manifest heretic is no longer a member of the Church and loses all authority. So then, why do you “recognize Pope Francis as the Pope”?

Are you just pretending to think that Francis is the valid Pope, so people will not realize you are a sedevacantist? How many other past Popes were manifest heretics and therefore not valid Popes, in your view?

Why do you reject the teaching of Vatican I, that each Pope has the charism of truth and of never failing faith, and that his Apostolic See is unblemished by error?

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