The Errors of the Francis Critics (1 – 3)

A continuation of my previous post. The first set of numbered assertions are grave errors.

1. A valid Roman Pontiff can err to any extent, under his non-infallible papal Magisterium, even to the extent of teaching manifest heresy.

2. A valid Roman Pontiff can commit apostasy, heresy, and/or idolatry.

3. Many past Popes have been heretics; some have been apostates or idolaters.

These three claims are contrary to the teaching of the ordinary universal Magisterium, as proven by this list of teachings throughout the history of the Church. The claims are also contrary to the teaching of the First Vatican Council.

1. A valid Roman Pontiff, in exercising the papal Magisterium, has the charism of truth, and therefore his teaching is preserved from all error when teaching infallibly, and from grave error when teaching non-infallibly. Neither inadvertent material heresy, nor formal heresy, is possible in any teaching of the papal Magisterium.

2. A valid Roman Pontiff has the charism of never-failing faith, divinely conferred by the prevenient grace of God, and so he can never fail in faith gravely by apostasy, heresy, or schism, nor by idolatry, sacrilege, or blasphemy. This faith is given to the person of the Roman Pontiff, not to his office, as faith is a gift of grace to the soul. Therefore, he is preserved even from personal or private or secret failures of faith, such as heresy and the rest.

3. Every valid successor of Peter past, present, and future, has a never-failing faith. He cannot fail in faith and thereby cease to be Roman Pontiff. He cannot commit any grave failure of faith. Therefore, all accusations of this type against Pope Francis and against every valid past Pope are false accusations.

To be continued…

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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