There is No Antichrist in the world today

I will try to write a longer post on this topic a little later today or tomorrow. But for now, I want to say that it is very clear from the Bible and what the Saints have said that the Antichrist could not possibly be in the world today. The “four beasts” in the vision of Daniel, chapter 7, are four successive kingdoms — they occur one after another. It takes many decades for a kingdom to rise, have great influence over the world (even though it does not control the whole world), and the fall, only to be replaced by another kingdom. We have not yet seen the first of those four kingdoms, and the Antichrist’s kingdom occurs after the last of those four kingdoms. Thus, four major kingdoms (sets of nations) must rise and fall before the Antichrist takes power. And that will take more than a few generations.

Prior to the Antichrist, the world will eventually be consolidated into ten groups of nations. There will of course be more than 10 nations, but alliances will be necessary for reasons related to survival, security, and economics. And so there will be ten sets of nations. This kingdom of the ten kings, spoken of by some of the Saints (interpreting Scripture), precedes the Antichrist. And yet it has not occurred, nor has it even begun. Neither have any of the three kingdoms which rise and fall prior to the kingdom of the ten kings had their beginning yet. So the Antichrist is in the distant future.

And that means the vaccine is NOT the “mark of the beast”. Pope Francis is not the false prophet who assists the Antichrist. The Church has not gone astray — nor will She ever go astray, even during the worst of future times (you faithless heretics!). And the pandemic is not any of the event describe in the book of the Bible called Revelation or the Apocalypse.

It is also crucial to understand that the End Times, in the common Catholic opinion, is divided into two parts:
* (1) first part of the tribulation
* inter-tribulation period
* (2) second part of the tribulation
* return of Christ
And the first part has not yet begun. Then the Antichrist does not arrive until the second part of the tribulation, hundreds of years from now.

So do not be led astray by the papal accusers, who distort End Times theology to be better able to attack the Pope.


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3 Responses to There is No Antichrist in the world today

  1. John says:

    The pope attackers are idiots who serve Satan so well. Where is their love? You may think its childish. No just answer me where is their love? Have you been to their gatherings? did you talk with them? They serve satan without knowing or some may do.There are many antichrists, Jesus said.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Their malice toward the Pope, toward the Bishops who are in communion with the Pope, towards past Popes, and towards the faithful who defend the Pope shows that they have little love, just as they have little faith. They must be careful or they risk losing the state of grace, and ending up deprived of love, faith, and hope. (Often, a person who loses the state of grace, retains faith; but not when the grave sin is against faith itself.)

  2. Sunimal Fernando says:

    The pandamic is discribed in Isaiah 24 as a Curse. This curse might be changed to other types.(starvation..) Lock down is mentioned here. Population decrease also stated here and said this will apply to all nations. Finally it said that, Jesus second coming after many days. ( But not after many years).
    According to St. Malachi pope list, pope Francis is the last pope. Microchip is implanted to hands of more than 5000 people in Swiden. (Tested) So the mark of the beast is ready.
    We don’t know, future, only God knows.

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