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I have a new newsletter-slash-blog called “That Your Faith May Not Fail”, also known as “Unfailing” for short. Sign up at: Right now, e-mailed “posts” to the Newsletter go out once every week or two, and it’s free.

So far, there’s an introductory post, and then two newsletter/blog posts. The goal of this newsletter/blog is to help faithful Catholics remain secure in the Faith and in the Church through difficult times. This is not a blog for arguing against Pope Francis or any other Pope or Council. It is prayerful theology and exhortations on Faith. Sometimes, I may reply to false claims made against the Popes or Councils. This blog at will continue. But the Newsletter/blog will have additional different content.


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  1. JoAnne Tomusiak says:

    I see you are changing your server (I believe that is the term) – either way – please when you are set up again – don’t loose my name and email — I miss Catholic Planet — wish you a very Blessed Christmas. take care — JoAnne Tomusiak

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