Unfailing: Faith in the Church and Her Teachings

The main purpose of this Newsletter and blog, called “That Your Faith May Not Fail” and “Unfailing” for short, is to help my fellow Catholics remain faithful to the true Magisterium and the true Church during the difficult times ahead. This is meant to be part encouragement and part instruction. And if I teach something that you already knew to be true, understand that reading it again, perhaps presented with a somewhat different point of view, will help to strengthen belief in that teaching. Then, if you wish to comment on the articles at Unfailing, please have the same intention, to edify your fellow Catholics, and not to argue or complain. Anyone who attacks Pope Francis, any other Pope, or any Ecumenical Council will be ejected from Unfailing. It is for supporters of the Roman Pontiffs only.

The Difficulties Ahead

Our Lady at La Salette: “Up, ye children of light, and fight! For behold, the age of ages, the end, the extremity is at hand! The Church passes into darkness. The world will be in a state of consternation, perplexity and confusion.”

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That Your Faith May Not Fail

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2 Responses to Unfailing: Faith in the Church and Her Teachings

  1. Patrick McManus says:

    Hi Ron,

    Just read an AP article regarding saint JP ll’s inability to uncover the child abuse scandal in America.

    Is it simply just “God’s will”?

    WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Polish bishops defended St. John Paul II on Friday against evidence that he rejected reports that ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick slept with his seminarians, seeking to salvage a papal legacy that has been badly tarnished by his inaction on clergy sexual abuse.

    The head of the Polish bishops conference, Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, said in a statement that John Paul had been “cynically deceived” by McCarrick as well as other U.S. bishops.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Bad things happen because people have free will, because people do not pray enough, do not have faith in God and in the Church, because people are selfish, and so on. People need to imitate Christ and pray much more, then things will begin to get better.

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