Archbishop Vigano does not believe Francis is the valid Pope

“Archbishop” Vigano does not believe Francis is the valid Pope. He has made this abundantly clear from his many public expressions. He thinks that Francis has committed apostasy, that he is the head only of an anti-church and exercises only a false magisterium. And therefore he calls him “Bergoglio” and not Pope Francis. Then is constant attacks on the Pope show manifest grave and obstinate refusal of submission.

Vigano does not accept Francis as Roman Pontiff. That makes Vigano a schismatic who is automatically excommunicated. Therefore, Vigano has lost all jurisdiction as a Bishop and (former) successor to the Apostles. And he has no right to teach the faithful, nor to speak for the Church, nor to teach the Catholic faith.


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2 Responses to Archbishop Vigano does not believe Francis is the valid Pope

  1. Vigano is currently acting as an informal anti-pope.

  2. Alex says:

    Vigano puts everything in his distorted end times views, where pope Francis plays the role of the villain. Vigano sees all evil of today’s world as a result of a masonic masterplan, forgetting centuries ago the many sins and mismanagement rules of the Christian monarchs that brought forth the revolutions. Because if we had Christendom it was not because those evils but despite them, thanks to brave knights and very few monarchs, of countless saints who sacrificed in silence, and even more ordinary men and women who spent their entire lives in simple hard work. And not because the system was so good. That Vigano smartly skips in his crusade against the all powerful masons whom he expects to bring the Antichrist.

    In other words, the devil is everywhere else but not with us. That model that makes out of Trump the restrainer (I already said why he cannot be even theoretically such) makes out of pope Francis the personage concentrated all negativity that Vigano ever dreamed in nightmares. The question is, is Vigano right? Because if he is right, then we have to cancel the last several popes that are canonized, along with dozens if not hundreds other saints who followed Vatican II. “Canonized by Bergoglio and his deep church” would say Vigano. Then my simple question is: What is Vigano still doing in the “Bergoglian church” and why doesn’t he leave it according to his distorted conscience?

    Yes it seems Vigano prepares for being the next antipope in history, in case the wiser cardinal Sarah refuses to play along that satanic plot. And the Vatican prefers to keep silence. At the same time the Vatican saw no problem to excommunicate the ex-spiritual director of Medjugorje seers. Not that he didn’t go crazy, but the extend of his errors did not spread to so many souls of faithful as Vigano’s certainly do. Vatican can’t stay neutral. Vigano is either right or not. There isn’t a middle position. We can’t afford more people including cardinals in their senior age to start fearing a punishing God (everyone has sins and approaching death almost everyone fears) and as result to follow the distorted view of Vigano and that to affect the next conclave – his ultimate goal.

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