Vision to Carmen Humphrey on Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Vision to Carmen Humphrey

Oct 3, 2020

Tonight, I spoke about the evils of the world and how one could possibly repair the damage done, the hurt to Jesus and God the Father, the atrocities within the church. I said that we could pray more and repent and sacrifice to repair these. As we were praying the Rosary, it came to me that perhaps tonight we could say an extra Chaplet of Mercy in reparation. Everyone agreed.

At the beginning of the second Chaplet I had a vision…
I saw the Heart of Jesus exposed before me. There were many many stab wounds in His Heart and His Sacred Heart was bleeding, a tremendous amount of blood was being shed. As we continued praying, I saw the Hand of God the Father holding a needle and thread. He was sewing up one of these stab wounds.

This was so vivid and detailed. There were about 20 of us praying. I thought W0W! the power of prayer. We really need to continue repairing the Heart of Jesus!

Praise You God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit for leading us on this path of reparation!

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