My Covid-19 Prophylactic Regimen

This is what I have been taking to try to decrease the risk of Covid-19 infection, severity, and death. This is not an absolute prevention; nothing is 100%. There are over 30 studies supporting the benefits of Vitamin D, and fewer studies for the other elements of the regimen.

Vitamin D – 50,000 IU once a week (previously, I took 10,000 IU/day)
Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 (Mk4 and Mk7)
Vitamin C – 500 mg 2x/day
Vitamin B12 – 2,500 micrograms 2x/day

Zinc plus copper – 30 mg zinc plus 1 mg copper once a day
Selenium – 200 micrograms once a day

The above are all essential nutrients that you need anyway.

Some people take Quercetin 500 mg/day with the Vitamin C and Zinc.
I’ve been taking Green Tea Extract 400 mg/day instead.
Both Quercetin and Green Tea Extract (containing EGCG) are zinc ionophores, meaning they carry the zinc into the cells.

There are no guarantees that the above regimen will work. But take a look at the Vitamin D studies on this page. Over 30 studies show that vitamin D reduces risk of infection, severity, and death from Covid-19.

I feel I have a moral obligation to help others in body, not only in soul.

Ronald L Conte Jr

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