Message to Carmen Humphrey, September 28, 2020

Note from Ron Conte: Carmen is a women from Canada with the gift of healing. She sometimes (not often) receives visions. Over 150 persons have been healed by God by means of her gift. The following is from an email she sent out today (to many persons).

Message to Carmen Humphrey, September 28, 2020

500 Prayers for Mary’s Intentions

Today I received a message and a vision.
In my vision:
I saw Mary wearing a pale blue dress made of some material we do not have here on earth.
I watched as she approached each person in the room and with her index finger and she signed 3 crosses on each of our foreheads.
We received some type of oil in this blessing but Mary did not dip her finger in oil for each one of us. This oil, it seemed, came to her finger automatically, and wondered if it might be the special oil that we received this spring.

Then Our Mother spoke these words:

My Beloved Children,
How I love you! I thank you for gathering again to pray for my intentions.

Today I bless you with 3 special graces:
-The grace of trust – Have confidence in your God who loves you. He knows all and His Divine Plan is perfect.
-The grace of patience – Wait for The Lord. Many things must happen but my Immaculate Heart will triumph.
-The grace of perseverance – As you see God’s Plan unfold, do not be afraid. Continue to pray. Be patient and trust in your Heavenly Father. He will not abandon you, His remnant, His beloved, His chosen.

I love you my children. I will gather you together more often to pray as I need your prayers for my poor lost children.

I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…. Amen!

Thank you Holy Mother!


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