Will Iran attack the U.S.?

News Report: Iran planning attack against U.S. in response to the killing of an Iranian general.

In May of 2019, Iran began an sudden increase in aggressive behavior. I believe that this was the result of the milestone of their first working nuclear bomb. They are not going to test first! How nukes work is well-studied, so they don’t need a test explosion. By now, a year and a half later, they may have 3 to 5 nukes total. That is enough to begin to use them.

So their threat against the U.S. is very grave. They may well be a nuclear power.

What will happen if Kamala Harris becomes U.S. President, regarding Iran? Due to their disordered view of women, they will see the U.S. as weak and vulnerable, and will therefore be more likely to attack the U.S. Now I’m not saying the U.S. would be weakened by a woman President; I’m stating what their perception will be.

We are headed toward a War with the Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa. The path toward this war:
* Iran obtains nuclear weapons (check)
* Iran announces they have nuclear weapons (soon)
* Extremists will flock to Iran and want to be led by them, so that they can share in the power of nuclear weapons.
* Iran will make a pact with ISIS.
* Iran and ISIS will support coups, revolutions, and small wars to unite the nations of that region under the dual banner of Iran and Iraq (led by ISIS)
* Saudi Arabia will fall to Iran (via nuclear blackmail)
* This group of nations led by Muslim extremists will call themselves by some type of term (I don’t know what it will be)
* stage is set for WW3

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8 Responses to Will Iran attack the U.S.?

  1. Rob says:

    ISIS is, not to put too fine a point on it, done for. Crushed. Squashed. Scattered and defeated on the field of battle, and in no small part due to heavy efforts from both Iran’s own IRGC and its various proxies, clients, and allies. Why are you so fixated on the idea that they’ll both suddenly reverse course and team up, especially with Iraq and Syria largely client states of Iran anyway?

    • Ron Conte says:

      For the Muslims to invade Europe, the Sunnis and Shiites would have to be united. I think extremists are very much alike, regardless of whether they are Sunnis or Shiits. As for ISIS, they don’t really exist as a particular leader or territory; they are a set of extremist ideas.

  2. King Robert the Bruce says:

    I just cant see past Trump winning a second term he is an absolute certainty to win it will be him who is in power when Iran decide to attack. How do you think Trump will respond to an attack by Iran Ron

    • Ron Conte says:

      Trump will not be in office when Iran attacks, as his response would likely be devastating to Iran, preventing WW3. Since WW3 does occur, it means someone likely to give a limited response will be in office (maybe Kamala).

  3. King Robert the Bruce says:

    So if Trump does get re-elected then Iran would have to postpone any attack on the US until after he is out of office that would take us to 2024 before ww3 is that correct Ron.

  4. Alex says:

    Since “King Robert the Bruce” suggests Trump is going to win and Iran as a result will not attack…
    Then I suggest that Trump is not going to win although he would claim victory, there will be Unprecedented civil unrest of some sort (don’t have the exact wording of the situation in the US) Congress opposing the outgoing president and US military either staying neutral as declared, or divided between inside different branches (less likely) and silently or overtly supporting this or that side (hope never to reach the point of an open civil war). In that situation, Everything could be expected, and my elaboration wouldn’t make the picture clearer. Let also remember TR3B and the secret military staying behind that even presidents as Carter were not allowed into Area 51 secrets. .

    On the other side, EU is far not so defenseless to allow the Mullahs to override it as the Ottomans in 15th century. It is much more likely a clash Turkey-Greece aided by France, than a large scale invasion of Arabs from the deserts, and/or Persia. And if that happens, let not forget France is still nuclear power N3, with Germany a paranuclear state (ability to produce nukes) and US nukes stationed in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy. Unfortunately, US gravity bombs are still stationed in Turkey that is still considered a NATO “ally”.
    I also assume that Europe who created CERN (with US Fermilab help) has some amazing stuff under the screen. If you can recreate the mini Big Bang in a lab and reach temperatures higher than those in the Sun, it means something. No matter if the voters and conservative churchgoers understand it or refuse reality. Let also remember that it were the German scientists who developed the first rockets and nuclear program, as well as the enigmatic device “The Bell”. Neither US nor USSR would go in space, at least not in the 1960s-70s, if it was not for the German scientists.
    In other words, if EU is still not a great military power to match US and China, it is because EU doesn’t want to pose as such and prefers diplomacy including with Iran.
    I see the chances of US-Iran war much bigger during Trump administration than during Biden- Harris one. But of course I am fallible too.

  5. Jeff says:

    What does a war in the middle east mean for these shores? The US economy, which is oil driven, will implode in dramatic fashion. We will experience a soviet union level collapse akin to 1991 and an internal uprising for which the stage is already set. Because the United States sits at the highest seat, the fall here will be the greatest and most painful because this will be a very different place after a middle east war. What would be worse would be if you are right and Iran does attack and adds nuclear fallout and destruction to the list. However, the outcome and misery from that scenario would be consistent with a biblical level tribulation and punishment that Mary has long warned is due for the sins of this country. Pray and convert now while there is little time left to do so.

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