Do the papal accusers have any faith at all?

I honestly wonder whether some of the papal accusers might possibly be devoid of supernatural faith. I can’t know if that is the case or not by their exterior and very public sins. But I have to wonder. They don’t accept the teaching of any Pope or Council unless it seems right to their own mind. That is faithless. And whoever has no faith lacks the state of grace. Do they realize that they are endangering their own salvation by opposing the Popes and Councils? Do they realize they are taking the role of Satan by rebelling against God?

A Catholic who commits heresy or schism or both, to the extent of an actual mortal sin, loses the infused theological virtues, including that of faith. The loss of faith is the direct consequence of the sin, such as the refusal to believe a dogma. But the person also loses love and hope.

Now some heretics and schismatics, even very commonly, might not commit their sin to the extent of an actual mortal sin. So they could retain all three infused theological virtues. But that is not always the case. Actual mortal sin is not rare in this fallen sinful world.

As a result, heretics and schismatics can sometimes be quite nasty to the Pope or to those who disagree with them. Faith and love are closely connected.


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  1. PaulM says:

    Ron, I think they genuinely believe they are holding to the truth and defending the ‘true’ faith by their actions. Whenever I have labored under such delusion, there’s usually a personal encounter or other event in my life that restores my sight. It’s a shame your blog is not more widely read, but I’m glad to have found it.

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