Comments are now moderated (again)

I tried an experiment where comments were not moderated, and it just became an opportunity for commentators to argue with one another, and to treat the comboxes as if it were their own blog.

Comments are now moderated again. Please keep comments brief, generally to three paragraphs, unless there is a just reason to take up more space. Arguing with other commentators and attacks on this blog will not be permitted.

Alex, I appreciate your support for the Pope and your criticisms of some of the errors on the right, but you need to get your own blog. Your comments are too long and often off-topic.

George, go somewhere else, if you think this blog is “toxic”. Name-calling and denigrating remarks toward other commentators will not be permitted.

I’ll be going through some of the old comments and deleting them, so if anyone wants a copy of what they posted as a comment, now’s the time to make a copy for yourself.


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2 Responses to Comments are now moderated (again)

  1. Alex says:

    So I guess you will be deleting more of Alex’s posts and less of Georges’ (whom I do not remember before). Classical approach! You may delete my posts but you cannot escape the questions I put in them that are already read including in the Vatican. And no, I do not :use your blog” because I post such questions everywhere online. I thought you welcomed but apparently you follow another direction that you know. I hope you will review your own posts as well. Your accusations against the non existent future presumed “liberal schism” throw a spot on a SIGNIFICANT PART OF THE CHURCH AND BISHOPS IN GOOD STANDING WHO ARE NOT SCHISMATICS OR HERETICS. Not only on the German bishops, but also on all Amazonian and Latin American bishops who supported Amoris Laetitia. But it is your blog and you write whatever you want…that doesn’t make it infallible, Ron! Even if you are seer yourself. As of me, I am out and will barely check your blog if I have time at all. Thanks for giving a “platform” for my “defense of the Pope and the Church”. I didn’t get anything from that, and now I am sorry for the time spent here. Good luck on the way of your own conversion!

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