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As a trial run, I am testing out having no moderation to comments on blog posts here at “The Reproach of Christ”. However, if your comment contains a link, it will be moderated (i.e. it will not appear on the blog unless I approve it). The reason for moderating a comment with a link is to avoid spam. If you have a link to a legit Catholic site, you are permitted to reference it in some way to bypass this automated rule.

Commentators may disagree with me, but please do not get into a war of words with other commentators. No personal attacks on me or on fellow commentators. Be respectful of the Roman Pontiff and other Church leaders.

Let’s see how this goes.


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6 Responses to New Feature: only comments with a link will be moderated

  1. Alex says:

    Ron, thanks, since it appears that I am one of the frequent posters. And you don’t have to agree with me or with anyone else, if their comments appear without moderation. Is it possible to have edit button, because sometimes I notice grammar errors later.

    I read the news of a fast increase of coronavirus in 30 US states and other countries like Brazil. Seems the idea that coronavirus is the result of 5D and immune reaction lauded by the ultra conservatives, or other pseudo-scientific explanations, do not correspond to the facts. From my perspective, that will play out in prophetic fulfillment one way or another in the next weeks and months.

  2. Matt says:

    June 25, 2020 Message to Marija (Medjugorje)

    “Dear children! I am listening to your cries and prayers, and am interceding for you before my Son Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Return, little children, to prayer and open your hearts in this time of grace and set out on the way of conversion. Your life is passing and, without God, does not have meaning. This is why I am with you to lead you towards holiness of life, so that each of you may discover the joy of living. I love you all, little children, and am blessing you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

    This message is one of hope and a reminder that we are in a time of grace. It is the 39th anniversary of when the Virgin Mary gave her first message to the six children in Medjugorje.

    I am quite disturbed on how many conservative Catholics claim this apparition is from Satan on their Twitter accounts. I was grieved by their statements and tried to debate them but was attacked and blocked so I don’t bother anymore. I pray for them.

  3. Matt says:

    Father Ripperger has excellent talks on how he prayed old Latin rite 30 minute long exorcism prayers and with blessed salt and water to drive away demonic activity at buildings and prevent violent storms. In fact he stated that each priest can use these special and powerful prayers in their territory to drive away evil. Father Ripperger also stated that for the first time he prays for the President of the USA, which is Donald Trump, and witches that cast spells, he turns around and has the curses go back on the witches! President Trump seems to survive tremendous assault from all sides and yet remains strong in his convictions.

    The point here is that our Catholic Priests have the power to drive away demonic activity. If priests went around and did these prayers at abortion clinics, government buildings, movie studios, record companies, book stores, doctors offices, schools, and generally in their territory, I would believe that much evil will be defeated. Why don’t priests know about this special ability? God gave each Priest special and powerful graces to drive away the incredible evil in our society.

  4. george says:

    Uhhhh Matt, Father Ripperger I believe does not accept Medjugorje. Alex, the Pope has linked coronavirus to global warming, a liberal crazy conspiracy?

  5. Alex says:

    I meant 5G not 5D sorry.
    The pope knows quite a lot. Whether covid is directly linked to global warming or not, whether it is manmade or not, I cannot say since I don’t have proof of any of these. But it is not coincidental that the struggle of saving the planet’s climate last year preceded the struggle of saving the world’s population from the virus (regardless of its exact origin).

    As I understand from the holy father, having in mind also his encyclical Laudato Si, the entire Universe created by God and the Earth in it with all its complexity is interconnected. We cannot exploit one component without restrictions, for example the oil, without hurting other components of the same world. We destroy the balance. We see by ourselves each next year is hottest on record. (even if some wrongly think that the US winters prove the opposite, while at the same time the Arctic melts down because of the total mess of air currents). Just days ago there were temperatures in Siberia reaching 40 degrees Celsius.

    Unfortunately, the people have shown for centuries they just don’t care. They care for the victory in the next war, for profits in peacetime, but not for the wellbeing of population and certainly not for preservation of God-given environment. In the Middle ages that was a non existent concern, having much smaller population and impact in pre-industrial period. Today we can explain much of what happens with science, the need to start caring for the common home we live in. Sadly, there are still people who prefer the profit (and who are not poor, rather billionaires). They could switch to non-oil energy sources many times over. Some of them even politicize the environment saying “if you care for the climate change, it means you are liberal, you are pro abortion, you are socialist”. It is just absurd!

    So no, it is not a crazy liberal theory, it is concern for the planet as the common home of all of us children of God made in His image. Because if we lose this planet we don’t have another one. And we need this planet with necessary conditions for the life of the human family to continue because it is not we to say when Jesus Christ will come to put an end of history. if we put nationalism as barrier before the salvation of the planet, if we try to save “my nation” at the expense of the rest of the world, including walking at the edge of a nuclear war because “we are the right ones, God-blessed ones| etc., then we are doomed to undergo the worst predictions of Fatima and other prophecies. Didn’t Our Lady clearly say that if the world (all bishops in particular) does not obtain the conversion of Russia, Russia will invade the whole world, including the USA? (and no, it is nothing like a democratic election win, that could say only a person who never lived in a communist country even for 1 month). So the nationalism is simply not the response that God wants us to have. The common concern for each other, prayer and conversion is what God wants. It is not God blessing one country versus the rest of the world, it is God calling us all to convert, and particularly to fulfill the concrete requirements of Our Lady.

    And I just don’t understand why the saving of the green planet is such a bad thing for those who pretend to follow Jesus and Our Lady (that would mean to follow first and foremost the biggest command of Love to God inseparable from the brotherly Love), if St Francis clearly said the meaning of the creation, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the wind and all weather, the water, in his canticle of the Sun. No surprise that our holy father chose the same name in the Petrine office.

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