Jeremiah on Pope Francis and his detractors

Jeremiah said:
“I hear the whisperings of many:
‘Terror on every side!
Denounce! let us denounce him!’
All those who were my friends
are on the watch for any misstep of mine.
‘Perhaps he will be trapped; then we can prevail,
and take our vengeance on him.’
But the LORD is with me, like a mighty champion:
my persecutors will stumble, they will not triumph.
In their failure they will be put to utter shame,
to lasting, unforgettable confusion.
O LORD of hosts, you who test the just,
who probe mind and heart,
let me witness the vengeance you take on them,
for to you I have entrusted my cause.
Sing to the LORD,
praise the LORD,
for he has rescued the life of the poor
from the power of the wicked!”

The text applies so very well to the situation of Pope Francis, who has the gift of truth and a never-failing faith, versus his accusers. They look for any misstep by him, so as to trap him and claim to have prevailed over him. But he has the Lord of hosts on his side.


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5 Responses to Jeremiah on Pope Francis and his detractors

  1. Christine says:

    Such a beautiful text. I love our Pope Francis! Thank you.
    Stay well, Ron.

  2. Alex says:

    Viganò on Vatican II: “It Is Preferable to Let the Whole Thing Drop and Be Forgotten”
    I read that particular letter for the first time and I am shocked, it goes beyond everything he’s ever said.

    I listen to Dr Marshall’s videos of prophecy. They sound so good…up to the point he follows the example of people like Vigano to deny the reality of the Church that has Holy Spirit led by Peter Today, not in 15th century. If we have the larger scope, we will not get lost, as apparently people like Marshall are (although sincere in their delusion).

    If we have more years, decades or even centuries before the Second Coming, maybe we have to evangelize beyond earth, as Jesus’ mandate to the apostles before His glorious Ascension “go and preach to the end of the world” could hardly be understood with evangelization reaching the shores of China and Japan that have long been reached since then. In Garabandal Our lady said something shocking that many people either don’t know or prefer to ignore: asked explicitly about extraterrestrials, She responded that there are extraterrestrials who need conversion as we do. With that larger view on Jesus’ unique mission in the Universe, the petty demonization by people like Vigano of everything good done by the Church in the last century becomes an absurd to be followed. He is there to delude even the elect ones if possible. Because they will not follow a liberal preacher anyway.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Mirija reports that they asked Our Lady,”Is there life on other planets?” And She replied: “That is not for you to know now.”

  3. Alex says:

    Ron, maybe you prepare another post on that second most recent letter of Vigano to Dr. Guarini.
    In that letter we can read :
    “Regarding the possibility of making a correction to the acts of the Second Vatican Council, I think that we can agree: the heretical propositions or those which favor heresy should be condemned, and we can only hope that this will happen as soon as possible.”

    “The mere fact that Vatican II is susceptible to correction ought to be sufficient to declare its oblivion as soon as its most obvious errors are seen with clarity. Not by chance does Professor Pasqualucci call it a “conciliabolo [devilish council],” like the Synod of Pistoia, which merited the condemnation of the entire synod beyond the mere condemnation of the individual errors which it taught. I make my own his statement:
    a Pope could very well finally quash the entire Council, ‘thereby confirming his brethren in the Faith.’ ”

    The question is, which pope? A “minority pope” (i.e. antipope) that the radical conservatives prepare to elect apparently? Because they can’t make it canonically with the 122 cardinal electors most of whom support the course of pope Francis and his predecessors three of whom are saints including the two popes St John XXIII and St Paul VI who performed Vatican II and St. John Paul II who reaffirmed everything done in Vatican II in lengthy encyclicals that seem no one of the critics today reads or quotes?

    We also read:
    “The mere fact that Vatican II is susceptible to correction,
    ought to be sufficient to declare its oblivion as soon as its most obvious errors are seen with clarity.” “beyond the ambiguous and discontinuous formulations, was wanted and conceived for its subversive value, and which as such has caused so many evils.”
    “from this fruitful exchange with my brother, Bishop Athanasius, what emerges is how much both of us have solely at heart the re-establishment of the Catholic Faith as the essential foundation for union in Charity.”

    So…reestablishment of the Catholic Faith? At least we have it clearly said. Maybe Schneider and Vigano can seclude themselves in a “conclave” to “elect” one of the two? Card. Sarah seems for the moment to prefer serving at the Vatican to pope Francis, and cardinal Burke has been not so much vocal recently. Or maybe they will be lured too? Well, if some more join, there will be a “conclave” of a dozen people, not necessarily cardinals, who pretend to “reestablish the Catholic Faith”! Good job!

    Be aware, dear conservative brethren! Certainly you will not be deluded by immoral TV shows, or by liberal theology that you hate. You will be deluded exactly in the way YOU ARE BEING DELUDED as we speak!

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