What If the Papal Accusers Have Their Way?

What do the papal accusers want? What if they get all that they desire?

1. I suppose they want Pope Francis removed, but he can only be removed by death or resignation. Suppose he resigns, and is replaced by a very conservative Pope. This hypothetical Pope, like all valid Popes, cannot err gravely on doctrine or discipline, nor can he fail in faith by apostasy, heresy, or idolatry. So he cannot reject the valid papacy of Francis, nor the valid Second Vatican Council.

In addition, the papal accusers have opposed other recent Popes, from John 23 and Paul 6, whom they mainly oppose for Vatican II, to Pope Saint John Paul II, whom they now see as too much like Pope Francis. (Actually, Pope Francis is following Pope Saint John Paul II.) They will not be satisfied in having a current conservative Pope. They will want a Pope who holds the same views as them, and who rejects Vatican II and the recent Popes.

But no valid Roman Pontiff can ever reject an Ecumenical Council and Pope-Saints as well as other valid Popes. There have been past conflicts between successive Popes. But these did not reach the extent of the desires of the papal accusers: to reject a Council and to reverse many substantial decisions of doctrine and discipline by successive valid Popes. It is simply not possible, under the grace and providence of God, for a valid Pope to do so.

2. The other problem is that the rejection of Vatican II and the recent Popes and their substantial decisions on discipline is schismatic, and is based on numerous heretical errors. These heretical errors include rejection of papal faith, rejection of papal immunity from grave error, rejection of teachings of Vatican II which have become infallible under the ordinary and universal Magisterium, the exaltation of external discipline to the level of alleged dogma, the rejection of the very principle of submission to the authority of Popes and Councils and of the Magisterium itself, the rejection of the authority of the Church to ordain women as deacons, etc.

So even if a very conservative Pope is elected, the papal accusers will still be in a state of heresy for continuing to reject various dogmas, and a state of schism for rejecting past Popes and Vatican II. Moreover, in rejecting the dogmas of Vatican One on papal faith and papal immunity from error, they implicitly reject that Council as well.

3. To obtain all that they inordinately desire, the papal accusers must choose for themselves an antipope. For valid Popes are preserved by the prevenient grace of God from asserting the errors that the papal accusers desire to accept as dogma. Only an antipope could give them what they wish. And so, if they get what they want, they will be following an antipope (I know not whom) and rejecting the recent Popes and Councils [plural].

4. The end result is for the haters of Pope Francis, these accusers of the Vicar of Christ, accusers of other recent Popes and Councils, to depart from the one true Church — having utterly rejected Her as if she were a harlot, when She is a spotless Bride. And then they must form their own false church.

If this happens, the false church they create will quickly fall apart. For even now they cannot agree among themselves on what to believe and what to do. They will be shattered into many smaller schismatic groups. Then their members, disillusioned by the state of the false church into which they were led by the papal accusers, will fall away from Christianity altogether. And this is part of the great apostasy predicted in Sacred Scripture.

5. I don’t see any other path for the accusers of the Vicar of Christ, the false sons of Mary, these adulterers who claim to be chaste. They will not accept the authority of any Pope or Council, if what is decided is contrary to their own minds and their beloved harlot, the conservative Catholic subculture. And the sooner they depart, the better it will be for the one true Church.

The Church must become smaller and holier — much smaller and much holier. Do not be surprised or dismayed when this happens. It is part of the plan of God.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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5 Responses to What If the Papal Accusers Have Their Way?

  1. sircliges says:

    This is a synecdoche. There are also critics of Pope Francis that accept the Vat2, praise other Popes, accept the teachings of Pope Francis that are expressed in real Magisterium.

    (The most part of problems with Pope Francis is outside the Magisterium, i.e. he allows heretics like James Martin to spread heresy)

    • Ron Conte says:

      All Popes “allow” the spread of heresy in the sense that no Pope goes through all the prominent speakers, teachers, and authors of a Church of over 1 billion persons, and rebukes every heretic. The conservative subculture promotes and approves of conservative heretics and schismatics, as proven by my many posts on the subject.

      The critics of Francis who accept all other Popes and Vatican 2 would be…whom? Some mild criticism applies to any Pope. Those critics are not the problem. There is a substantially influential group of critics who are openly schismatic and heretical; who put themselves above the entire Magisterium, and therefore above Popes and Councils.

    • Alex says:

      there are no “problems with pope Francis”. The reform was needed, that’s why a landslide vote among the 120 cardinals for card. Bergoglio in 2013. If the ultraconservatives have “problems with pope Francis” they have problems with the magisterium of the Church that elected him in first place. And because the magisterium didn’t shift in their favor since then, they will have problems with the next pope, and the next…In other words, as Ron argued in length, no matter how appeased they are, they will never accept it, unless they repent sincerely and convert totally to Christ and His Church.
      Let talk frankly, we are talking of no more than 10 outspoken bishops critics, 4-5 of whom beg for excommunication. Not of hundreds. Not of thousands. And those 4-5 are not saints. Not even remotely close to sainthood. I already characterized them in previous comments. It is a total delusion to think that Vigano is saintly only because he is bold to accuse the pope. Satan also accuses and knows perfect theology and God’s laws, and doesn’t commit adultery for obvious reasons, and that all doesn’t make him a saint. Open your eyes!
      Saints are those like padre Pio who accepted every word from Paul VI and prayed for him and urged obedience to his decisions.

  2. David says:

    About the Church getting smaller: Better a few friends who are true than many false ones trying to destroy you. Jesus said that “where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Sometimes I read this as not a minimum number that ultimately wants many (people often cite this when only a small group shows up to pray when they want more), but as a celebration of smallness. “Where ONLY two or three are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them.”

    In these times God knows what He’s doing and allowing, as St. Faustina says His will is love and mercy itself. Jesus, I trust in You.

  3. Alex says:

    Maybe the Holy Father instead of resigning could excommunicate Vigano and one or two others, thus drawing a firm line between what is acceptable critics and what is an open rebellion. And within the acceptable conservative critics to search for common ground. If he resigns, I don’t think a more conservative pope will be elected to appease the 1%, rather a more liberal pope to satisfy the desires of the rest 99%.

    Cardinal Bergoglio was more conservative than other cardinals in 2013 conclave. After cardinal Sherer from Brazil didn’t gather majority, if cardinal Bergoglio would have refused (as he did on the previous conclave) then the next among the potential Latin American candidates would be cardinal Maradiaga who wasn’t as conservative as Bergoglio was. And indeed Maradiaga was immediately appointed as one of the inner circle of pope Francis.

    So instead of talking against the providential choice of cardinal Bergoglio to be elected pope Francis, the ultraconservatives must realize it is not they who hold the Church but on contrary the Church holds them, and to accept with humility what could be their LAST CHANCE to find peace with God exactly through pope Francis who shows extraordinary patience and mercy.

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