Some German Bishops have gone astray

This preliminary document, in preparation for the German Bishops’ Synod, is in no way an expression of the Magisterium. However, its contents are troubling, as they contain grave error and abject heresy. See the news story here.

“…one’s sexual orientation is unchangeable…

There was, however, no consensus on “whether the magisterial ban on homosexual practice is still opportune,” the bishops declare.

The communiqué also called for an update regarding Church teaching on adultery, declaring that “a sexual relationship after divorce and remarriage is no longer qualified as a serious sin and thus no general exclusion from the reception of the Eucharist is foreseen,”

It is factually an error to say that orientation cannot change. Many examples are known of persons who publicly describe their experience of having changed from a homosexual orientation to a heterosexual orientation. And while there are genetic influences, the orientation is not absolutely determined by genetics.

The teaching of the ordinary universal magisterium is infallible and irreformable that homosexual sexual acts are contrary to nature and intrinsically evil, and always gravely immoral. So this is not a juridical “ban” that would be changeable when “opportune”.

Finally, even though the divorced and remarried may sometimes be admitted to Communion, this does not change the objectively grave sin of sex outside of the first valid marriage, nor does it nullify the Commandment against adultery.

Some German Bishops are misusing Amoris Laetitia the way that liberals misuse Vatican II. AL cannot be used as a flag to wave away the past infallible teachings of the Magisterium.


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  1. Alex says:

    Thank you for the news! I read that:
    “The bishops embraced the findings of a study group on sexual morality chaired by Berlin Archbishop Heiner Koch, which will form a starting point for the “Synodal Way of the Church” in Germany to rethink Catholic teachings and praxis for the present day.
    “There was agreement that the sexual preference of humans is expressed during puberty and assumes a heterosexual or homosexual orientation,” the statement reads.”

    For those who have real experience in life (relatives, friends) with sincere homosexual people, and do not derive their knowledge from books only, it is clear the things are exactly as said above. Somehow, genetically or otherwise, the young people find themselves with homosexual tendencies when they start realizing them in puberty. That cannot be denied, and the theology would do better to adapt to the real situation the people experience since the time of David and Jonathan. Not every homosexual tendency is a sin. There are saints who had close, intimate friendships, even if they never been touched. St Anthony the Great and St Athanasius are such example (read the letters of St Anthony). And indeed, how otherwise would be explained the Church’s millennial long policy of celibate priesthood? Who would become priest to never marry, if he likes women? Everybody loves, so do the homosexual people. In an environment that promotes the holiness, they would become monks instead and live in community called to holiness. I don’t want to elaborate more, since I did it already a week ago. Can only congratulate the German bishops to admit the obvious.

    And the special friendship of Jesus and John should be discussed much more by the Church. It didn’t happen for no reason. Jesus should love each one the same as God, and still He allowed us to see a preferential friendship with the beloved disciple…

    I pray the ultraconservatives instead of schism don’t take the rule of the Vatican. if that happens, besides many other things such as persecution of the homosexuals, they will make 9/10 of the Church or more to not follow such inquisitory leaders who sacrifice the best years of young people with empty promises. Let me say boldly that I was one of them, my youth was not sexually abused by priesthood but anyway taken by them, in the name of their own god that is not Jesus. Mamon maybe, Fanaticism, Pharisee pride, but not Jesus\s Love.

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