Free Kindle Book this weekend

This weekend, Nov. 16 and 17 of 2019, the (new) revised edition of my book, The Catholic Marriage Bed, is FREE in Kindle format at Amazon:
Learn the teaching of the Saints/Doctors, Popes, the Holy See, Scripture and faithful priests and theologians on marital sexual ethics. Never again be fooled by libertine and heretical claims about conjugal relations, such as is found in many places online and in the perverse version of the theology of the body.


Orthodox Doctrine
1: The Basic Principles of Ethics
2: The Teaching of the Saints
3: The Teaching of John Paul II
4: The Teaching of the Bible
5: The Teaching of the Church
6: The Teaching of Priests and Theologians

Opposing Arguments
7: A Long List of Claims
8: The So-called “One Rule”
9: No Rules for the Wife?
10: The “One Act” Claim
11: Heribert Jone Is No Expert
12: West Misquotes Saint Alphonsus
13: An Alleged Consensus
14: Smith on Marital Foreplay

15: Licit Marital Foreplay
16: The Harm Done to Marriage

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