The Liberal Schism follows the Conservative Schism

I want to remind my readers of my prediction that, after a conservative schism, in which the schismatics accuse the Pope of heresy (fulfilled prediction), there will be a liberal schism. The next Pope after Pope Francis will be conservative. I’m predicting it will be Cardinal Arinze as Pope Pius XIII. And his conservative teachings, which are just as true as the liberal teachings of Pope Francis, as well as his conservative changes in discipline, will drive liberal heretics and apostates away from the Church. They will have to choose between leaving the Church and remaining in the Church, but the latter will require that the follow the beliefs and practices of Catholicism. Many will leave rather than believe what the Church teaches.

The two schisms are one in God’s eyes. Both groups leave because they choose their own understanding over the teaching of the Church. Both leave out of pride. Both leave in conflict with a Pope. Both leave thinking they are right and the Church is wrong. And both leave because they were excessively influenced by secular society.

Yes, the conservative critics of Pope Francis are acting just as secular society teaches people to act: no respect for authority, putting one’s own ideas above the teachings of any authority; treating persons who have different views on society and politics with animosity; polarization between liberals and conservatives; lack of humility; not accepting correction; joining (esp. on the internet) with persons of the same opinions to oppose everyone else; acting like you have the right to judge and condemn others; feeling entitled to treat those who think differently with contempt; etc.


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7 Responses to The Liberal Schism follows the Conservative Schism

  1. Alex says:

    I do not see the so called liberals to be in a similar position as the de facto coup of the conservatives. Who is liberal? Everyone since St John XXIII with the majority of bishops as well. Was St John Paul II liberal or conservative? I’d say rather conservative. But the fanatics today list him among those “failed popes” since Vatican II who in their screwed view do not deserve to be at the Peter’s helm, and at beast would burn in flames for long after death… So the liberal/conservative division is very speculative depending on who makes it. St Paul VI was conservative compared to St John XXIII and yet he approved today’s ordinary mass that the conservatives practically deny (see Burke’s double tongue interview).

    Similarly, I do not see organization of ultraliberals locally the way it is done by the ultraconservatives around the latin masses in USA (therefore the pope’s rebuke against them and not another nation).

    If the German Catholic bishops adopt more liberal rules on the incoming synod, it would be like a prelude for adoption such rules in the wide Church, as is in fact the Amazon synod. All those synods would logically lead to the next Council, be it Vatican III or Nicaea as pope Francis suggested.

    I know Ron don’t mean that conservative/liberal view in your predictions. But I have to say it because it may seem for some readers that those bishops and innumerable faithful who want the reforms now, are equally schismatic as the ultraconservatives described above, only unfortunately the pope is on their side, FOR NOW. And once he is changed, the reformers would become the schismatics and the conservatives will take the rule and revert back history… too simple view, unfortunately held by too many simplistic thinking or unthinking faithful who believe they are the true remnant church blessed by God from prophecies and so on… What Worse can happen to the Church than the most devote people to be led astray?
    “To deceive, if possible, even the elect” (Marc 13:22).

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