Who Owns Jesus?

My main complaint about the leaders of the conservative Catholic subculture is that they speak and act as if they own Jesus, as if their understanding of Christianity is total absolute divinely-revealed-only-to-them dogma. They think that if they don’t preach (their messed up version of) Jesus, He will not be preached.

Here’s a true story that puts anyone with that attitude in their place. The story was told at my parish many years ago by the priest in question. Not a parable. Factual.

This missionary priest was working in Appalachia, where there are few Catholics and few Catholic churches. He was at the time the only priest for miles and miles around. And he didn’t say this, but I had the impression that he was acting as if he were the sole source of the Gospel for that region. But you can see why he would think that.

So he was working with a family that had recently converted to Catholicism. Their little girl had cancer, and was undergoing chemo therapy. The whole family shaved their heads in solidarity with the girl, since she was losing her hair due to the chemo.

At some point, the priest visits the girl in the hospital. He says to her, “When you pray, how do you like to pray best?” She says, “I like to pray best when Jesus comes and sits on my bed and tells me what to say.”

The priest was stunned. He was speechless. Here he was, somewhat arrogantly (according to his own admission) thinking he was the only one for many miles around who could teach this girl the true Faith. He was the sole source of truth for that large area, right? Who else was going to give salvation to this girl, if not him?

Oh yeah, that guy. Jesus. The Alpha and the Omega. In person.

The priest was greatly humbled by this experience. And the girl later recovered from her cancer.

So your understanding of Catholicism is not necessarily correct in every aspect. You are just a fallen sinner. You are not the Word made flesh. You are not perfect infinite goodness.

And don’t bother to tell me that this Pope was a heretic, and that Pope erred gravely. How would you know?

The Pope speaks for Christ. The Pope is the Rock on which the Church is founded. Each Pope has the gift of truth and a never-failing faith. And you don’t. You’re not the Pope and you’re not the Messiah.

So humble yourself before infinite truth made flesh, and open your heart to true faith, which believes the teachings of Jesus and His Church, even contrary to one’s own mind and heart. Who owns Jesus? Not you or I, that’s for sure.


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7 Responses to Who Owns Jesus?

  1. Rob says:

    The correct answer would be: nobody. He appears when and where He wills. However, for our sake He has bound Himself to always appear at certain times and places, the Holy Eucharist being of course the most prominent.

  2. Matt says:

    4,874 – Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace, Naples, Italy, transmitted in 19/10/2019 – Pedro Regis, google translation:

    “Dear children, the High Priests have corrupted themselves, uniting with enemies for power, so they have acted against My Son Jesus. You live in a time of great trials, but My Lord is with you. You who are of the Lord do not allow the House of God to become a storeroom to empower enemies. The wickedness of men has corrupted many of My poor children, causing great spiritual blindness. The Church of My Jesus is heading for Calvary. The righteous will drink the bitter cup of suffering. Love and defend the truth. The silence of the righteous strengthens God’s enemies. Do not allow the lie to win. You belong to the Lord and He loves you. Do not live away from prayer. Seek strength in the Eucharist and stand firm on the path I have shown you. There is no victory without a cross. Courage. Do not lose your hope. Stay with Jesus and you will be victorious. This is the message I convey to you today in the name of the Holy Trinity. Thank you for allowing Me to meet you here once again. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace”

    Ron, what do you make of this message from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Pedro Regis?

    • Ron Conte says:

      the corrupt, the enemies of the Church, are the papal accusers. They have acted against her Son Jesus by acting against His Vicar, the Pope. Stay with Jesus and stay with His Vicar.

  3. Alex says:

    Certainly not the fanatics. Let remember the words of Jesus to the pharisees. The meek, the humble, the loving people are closer to Him, and not those who boast to be fulfilling the letter. And we should be prepared for His surprising actions now when we enter the large scale end times. It is not we who determine what God must do or be. And here the fanatics will be deceived grossly because they believe they know and preempt God’s wisdom and action…

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