The Errors of the Papal Accusers

This is a list of false assertions used by the papal accusers to support their accusations against the Pope.

1. that the Pope is not chosen by God.
2. that some valid Roman Pontiffs are bad Popes who gravely harm the Church.
3. that Pope Honorius taught or committed heresy.

4. that the Sixth Ecumenical Council condemned Pope Honorius for heresy.
5. that Pope John XXII taught or committed heresy.
6. that other valid Popes taught or committed apostasy, heresy, or schism.

7. that it is possible for a valid Pope to teach grave error or heresy.
8. that it is possible for a valid Pope to commit apostasy, heresy, or schism.
9. that an invalidly elected Pope, who is subsequently accepted by the body of Bishops, is still invalid Pope.
[That is not a typo. Saint Robert Bellarmine taught that an invalidly elected Pope becomes the true and valid Roman Pontiff as soon as the body of Bishops accepts him as the Roman Pontiff.]

10. that a valid Pope is automatically excommunicated when he teaches heresy or commits apostasy, heresy, or schism.
11. that a valid Pope can become an invalid Pope or antipope.
12. that the Antichrist, when he arrives, will be an invalid Pope or antipope.

13. that the false prophet of the Antichrist will be an invalid Pope or antipope over the Catholic Church.
14. that the faithful have the right or duty to judge the Pope.
15. that Paul’s correction of Peter’s personal fault justifies accusing any Pope of heresy or apostasy or other grave errors against doctrine and discipline.

16. that the conservative Catholic subculture cannot err gravely on doctrine and discipline.
17. that the conservative Catholic subculture has the role to judge the teachings of the Magisterium and to correct the Magisterium.
18. that the leaders of the conservative Catholic subculture have a never-failing faith.

19. that the supporters of the Pope are guilty of papolatry (pope-worshiping).
20. that the use of passages from magisterial documents and Scripture to refute the papal accusers is proof-texting.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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1 Response to The Errors of the Papal Accusers

  1. Alex says:

    cardinal Sarah is incredibly cunning! After the rampage against the pope and the synod, he now says that whoever disobeys the pope is not a Catholic…what? So his own disobedience is portrayed as “obedience” even as a model, because he fraternally “corrects” the pope? This man, aided with several others, wants to get the papacy. He knows he cannot be elected with majority. Perhaps he will opt for a separate false “conclave” outside Rome, or will move outside Rome shortly after he is “elected” by 4-5 cardinals. And will pretend he “fulfills” Garabandal prophecy that the “pope” is exiled from Rome…or who knows what more he and the other rebels plan. What we see is the tip of the iceberg. those people are NOT benevolent devote and pious ones who suffer seeing the corruption, as in the time of St Francis, and who want to show themselves as a model of better behavior. If it was so, we wouldn’t witness that open rebellion after the example of Lucifer. Those people have a cunning deceit in them. No surprise if the false prophet rises exactly among them and their descendants (however I do not pretend to point out any false prophet at this stage).

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