What will the Papal Critics accuse Pope Francis of Next? Apostasy.

Prediction: the papal accusers will next accuse Pope Francis of #apostasy. Recall that they criticized him severely, then accused him of propagating heresy, then accused him of formal heresy. They worked up to the full accusation. They accused the Church of being a “new Church” and of having been infiltrated. They implied apostasy in their criticisms of Human Fraternity. Next they accused the Amazon Synod working document of apostasy. The next step in this progression is to accuse the Pope himself the Rock on which the Church is founded, of apostasy.

Where is their faith in Christ? Have they never read that the Pope is the Rock on which the Church is founded? And the First Vatican Council taught that each Pope has the gift of truth and a never failing faith. It is literally a dogma and a required belief under pain of heresy that the Pope can never fail in faith. He can never commit apostasy, heresy, or schism, nor can he ever speak or act so as to gravely harm the Church.

How do I explain the harm to the Church in the present time, then? The conservative Catholic subculture has gone astray, through pride, and that happened before Francis was elected. Then when the Pope tried to correct them, as is his role and right, they became indignant, thinking themselves to be the most holy and faithful of Catholics, merely because they are conservative.

Ronald L Conte Jr

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2 Responses to What will the Papal Critics accuse Pope Francis of Next? Apostasy.

  1. Jong Ricafort says:

    If you can read the messages written in the book of Fr.Stefano Gobbi’s blue book, the Trads deception and strategy are written there. Message 106 and Message 108 speaks well how the Trads are being deceive by satan in our times;

  2. King Robert the Bruce says:

    Last night in the UK there was an excellent documentary on the BBC called The Vatican it had unrestricted access to the Vatican city for 3 months from January last year till Easter sunday and it showed never before seen footage of Pope Francis they went to prison with him when he washed the inmates feet how they feed the homeless daily it gave an insight into pope Francis and his humanity and humility you will be proved right Ron this Holy Pope will be a saint one day shame on those vicious conservatives the warning is going to pull the rug from right under them.

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